The U.S. Department of the Navy’ today released its Unmanned Campaign Framework. The plan will guide the Navy’s execution toward its goal of increasing unmanned platforms in its fleet through the coming decade and its work with the unmanned vehicle systems industry.

The report is here –

As provided in the Framework’s Introduction:

  • The developing abilities of near peer competitors drive the need for increased Naval capability distributed over a wider area. In order to meet the challenges of the future and align with strategic goals defined in the Tri-Service Maritime Strategy, the CNO’s Navigation Plan, and the Commandant’s Planning Guidance, the Navy and Marine Corps must innovate and accelerate delivery of credible and reliable unmanned systems in conjunction with increasingly capable manned platforms into the fleet.
  • Autonomous systems provide additional warfighting capability and capacity to augment our traditional combatant force, allowing the option to take on greater operational risk while maintaining a tactical and strategic advantage.
  • Unmanned systems will increase lethality, capacity, survivability, operational tempo, deterrence, and operational readiness.