In its draft Request for Information (DRFP), the Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD) – formerly CTTSO – outlines the plans of its Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Explosive Operations (EOD/EXO) Directorate to develop a “Mouse Hole Maker.”

From that draft solicitation….

R4571 Mouse-hole Maker for Urban Breaching
Develop a reloadable explosive tool for rapidly breaching into and out of the exterior walls of residential and commercial buildings during combat in urban terrain. The overarching goal of the tool is to give soldiers the capability to move through buildings and across alleyways rather than moving down streets and alleys. The tool shall create a mouse-hole in exterior walls that allows for the movement of a single soldier at a time through the opening created. The explosive tool shall be able to create a minimum of a 30 inch-by-30 inch hole in exterior walls constructed of standard cinder-block, or brick construction (common for low-rise multi-family construction).

The ideal solution shall be capable of being used in multiple configurations. In the first configuration, the tool shall be capable of being aimed and fired at a point target by an individual soldier at a minimum distance of 75 meters (threshold). In the second configuration, the tool shall be capable of being placed, aimed, and then fired remotely to provide the user with standoff from explosive effects. The remote firing system should be hard-wired and be able to provide a minimum of 30 meters standoff. The tool shall have an aiming device attached for shoulder/prone firing and an aim assist for remote firing. The overall system weight (including the explosive payload) shall not exceed 30 pounds (Threshold (T)); 20 pounds (Objective (O)).

Additional Requirements:
• Shall include a foldable bipod that can be detached
• Shall be ergonomically designed for dismounted carry
• Shall be accurate on a 2 m × 2 m target at a range of 75 m (T); 200 m (O)
• Shall have a carry length less than 40 inches
• Shall have a Picatinny Rail system for mounting top- and side-mounted optics/aiming devices
• Shall be ruggedized to withstand blast and fragmentation that will allow for firing inside of a building or structure
• Shall be designed for operation by no more than two personnel with the ability to operate by a single individual at a lower rate of fire
• Shall have a cartridge weight of less than 10 lbs
• Developer shall be able to conduct independent testing of the prototype and cartridges or be able to coordinate with appropriate agencies/organizations to allow for extensive testing

Note: The proposed solution will be required to create a mouse-hole in a wide range of materials.
However, there is an expectation that certain materials will require more than one shot to create
the required hole-size. The baseline for successful penetration will be a 30 in-by-30 in hole in 15
inches of brick (common low-rise construction) in a single shot.

Base Contract:
• Deliver ten (10) mouse-hole maker prototypes and one-hundred (100) cartridges for operational test and evaluation (OT&E)
Contract Options:
• Develop additional cartridges purpose-built to penetrate specific materials
• Deliver one-hundred (100) additional cartridges for OT&E
• Deliver ten (10) additional mouse-hole maker prototypes

A Firm Fixed Price proposal with a base contract period of performance of less than twenty-four (24) months is preferred.