Raytheon Technologies CEO Gregory J. Hayes spoke virtually at Wednesday’s Barclays Industrial Select Conference, outlining the success that the company has enjoyed despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Hayes stressed the company’s priority focus on employee health and meeting customer demand. He outlined the status of the company’s merger with United Technologies Corporation and quantified the savings that were accruing to the merged entity.

The CEO said that the company will “make its concerns known” to the Justice and Defense Departments regarding Lockheed Martin’s planned acquisition of Aerojet, “If that merger actually happens, you don’t have an independent supplier on the solid rocket motor side, and also, I think it gives us pause as we think about the competitive landscape going forward.”

The CEO’s full virtual brief from Barclays is here – https://kvgo.com/barclays/raytheon-technologies-corp-february-2021

Raytheon’s most recent (Q4 2000) earnings call was held on 26 January 2021.