The Tactical Aviation and Ground Munitions (TAGM) Project Office is seeking information (Request for Information (RFI)) on candidate Long Range Precision Munition (LRPM) solutions that can be demonstrated at an Army conducted Shoot-Off in 4QFY22. The events, timing and particular circumstances of this announcement are subject to change based on Army missions, funding and priorities.  It is the Army’s intent to conduct this demonstration to inform the LRPM capabilities development and to inform the selection of a single or multiple vendors to build, integrate, test, and/or qualify on Army aviation platforms. The Government requests interested participants to respond to this announcement, as described in the LRPM Shoot Off Announcement RFI dated 2 Feb 2021 attached to this Special Notice.   

The demonstration event and participation is at the vendor’s own cost.

This is a RFI/Special Notice.  This is not a notice for a solicitation. This is not a Request for Proposal or Request for White papers.

The details are here: