Teal Global, a newly launched joint venture between Teal Group (US, est. 1988) and Hawk Information (UK, est. 1992) is a consultancy focused on market intelligence, strategy and identifying growth opportunities in the aerospace, defence and security markets. The joint venture utilizes operational headquarters in Washington, DC, and London. Teal Global will also deploy its extensive network of strategically located in-country agents, offices, associates, analysts, and intelligence professionals. “With the inability to travel and get business done on a global scale, COVID has shown us the importance of local support,” said Teal Global president William C. Storey, Jr. “Supply chain disruptions, procurement delays and equipment delivery issues are just three of the many risks government and industry face as we move into 2021.” 

“The aerospace, defense and security sectors must adapt if they are to continue to be competitive and our service will help them do this. Post-US-elections, post-Brexit, post-COVID, we hear the mantra of ‘build back better’ and Teal Global positions itself to capture this idea with a model of agility and resilience – ‘Global Vision, Local Support’ – that provides informational and strategic advantage for government and industry around the world.” Through the joint venture, Teal Global’s international team is uniquely placed to deliver evidence-based, intelligence-led D2D (data-to-decision) services to public and private sector organizations, covering:

  • Monitoring and tracking of global aerospace, defense and security programs, supply chains, procurement budgets and future business opportunities
  • Emerging aerospace, defense and security technology and threats, industry trends, future force requirements and capabilities
  • Industry standard market analysis and open-source intelligence
  • 10-year aerospace and defense program and production forecasts
  • Local market business dynamics
  • Contract management services at national or multi-national level

Teal Global provides this through: (1) subscription and member-based services; (2) customized research and analysis; and (3) strategic intelligence and consulting projects. The joint venture is currently seeking collaboration from partners, as Michael Hobbs, Head of Strategic Partnerships, said: “Our position during the global health crisis is that we, as an industry, should stand together. That is why we are inviting interest from the global aerospace, defense and security community to join the Teal Global trusted-business-partners program. I believe that only through more active industry participation will we be able to effectively bounce back from COVID.” The launch of the global consultancy marks a watershed moment in the history of the two companies, having both operated for three decades: Teal has developed world-renowned market intelligence and consulting expertise and Hawk has developed leading analytical and OSINT expertise. Both companies have extensive experience working with aerospace, defense and security organizations, managing projects and developing business internationally.

This combination of skills in intelligence gathering, analysis and strategic consultancy will enable organizations operating in aerospace, defense and security to better identify, measure and exploit global opportunities and ensure they remain competitive in the years ahead. Teal Global’s ‘Global Vision, Local Support’ will provide a trusted and time-tested partner for better decision making and a more resilient and sustainable future for aerospace, defense and security.
For more information or a free consultation with one of our team, please contact:
Teal Group Corporation – Mr. William C. Storey, Jr., PresidentT: +1 (703) 385-1992 x101wstorey@tealgroup.com
Hawk Associates – Mr. Mike Hobbs, Head of Strategic PartnershipsT: +44 (0) 1608 643281m.hobbs@hawkinformation.com