The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), the world’s largest conference of its kind, has long showcased innovations in modeling, simulation, and advanced training technologies and techniques that have enhanced military readiness and saved lives on the battlefield. As we move forward, we are broadening the application of these technologies and techniques to support non-DoD needs in the domains of medicine, cyber-readiness, energy, and transportation. Innovations and technologies presented at the conference address real-world problems now and in the future. As this past year has shown, the future is often unpredictable, but we must handle the issues and situations that arise.

This year’s I/ITSEC theme, “Innovating & Accelerating Training: Adapting to an Unexpected Future!” is meant to push the community to not only continue advancing the state of training with new methods and technologies, but to also build robust solutions to handle the unexpected events the future holds. If this year has taught us anything it is that enormous resources can be brought to bear on world-changing problems. We not only have to be ready for an unexpected future, we need to thrive in it!

I/ITSEC is the world’s premier event for modeling, simulation, and training professionals to gather, interact, and learn from their peers from within and outside of their areas of expertise. It is ours to shape, provide content, and execute; and we do that through the contributions of all the authors, presenters, panelists, and technology demonstrators. Please join us to contribute to the conversation about the science, research, best practices, and needs for the future, and provide your best ideas and perspectives in papers and briefings that will add to our collective understanding of the realm of the possible.

Help us to prepare for the unexpected by participating in I/ITSEC 2021. There are many ways to contribute from a research paper, tutorial or workshop or by planning and / or participating in a special event. Getting involved is the first step that helps us all deal with an uncertain future.

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