The purpose of the final Request for Prototype Proposals (RPP-20-08) from the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) is to solicit Firm Fixed Price (FFP) proposals for the research and development of an ARV-PV that meets all of the ARV requirements, and evaluate vehicle compliance to the Performance Specification (P-Spec) for ARV.

The Offeror shall be required to deliver one (1) ARV-PV to be evaluated for a testing period of approximately six (6) months. During the test period, the offeror shall provide testing support as needed, including Field Service Representatives (FSRs) to maintain and repair the ARV-PV system throughout testing, as well as material and spare parts necessary to keep the prototype operable. The Government anticipates making up to four (4) awards resulting from this RPP. The Not-to-Exceed (NTE) budget for each task assignment award is $10,500,000.

In accordance with the provisions of 10 USC § 2371b(f), the Government may award a follow-on production contract or transaction to the participants in this transaction without the use of competitive procedures, so long as the participants in this transaction successfully complete the prototype project. If multiple prototype solutions under this effort are determined to be successful, the Government reserves the right to pursue a production effort with only one successful contractor. Any follow-on production effort would be awarded and administered directly by the Government, outside of the GVS OTA with NAMC. The potential follow-on production effort is estimated at $1.8B – $6.2B over five (5) years.

This is a DRAFT version of the RPP, which the Government intends to officially release at a later date. The intent of this DRAFT RPP is to allow interested NAMC members to provide feedback. The Government is not obligated to respond to any feedback received. The Government will consider all feedback but may or may not use feedback to revise the final RPP. Interested NAMC members may provide feedback to this DRAFT RPP via email at with the subject “DRAFT RPP 20-08 Question” no later than (NLT) September 30, 2020. All feedback submitted must be in the body of the email.

The Government may issue a second DRAFT RPP in the 1st Q/2nd Q of FY21. Additional questions/comments will be allowed upon release of the 2nd DRAFT and during the final ARV-PV RPP release. The purpose of this DRAFT RPP is to preview and solicit questions or comments for the final RPP.

NAMC Senior Program Manager, Jon St John, will coordinate this opportunity. Please email him at with any questions.

By clicking the following link — RPP-20-08 ARV PV — — you will be taken to the NAMC website to view information on this opportunity, including relevant documents.

Solicitation documents may be marked Distribution C or D, which means they are restricted to authorized U.S. Government agencies and their contractors (CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY) (05 NOV 14). Other requests for this document shall be referred to: U.S. Army CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center | Acquisition Management Office (AMO).

NAMC members MUST SAFEGUARD this information. You may provide excerpts to your subcontractors but you cannot duplicate and distribute any document or the specific customer requirements contained within to non-NAMC members unless expressly authorized by the Government.