The tactical communications kit ensures continuous transfer of encrypted information between ground forces and various platforms

19 August 2020, Commtact Ltd. – a leading provider of advanced wireless communications solutions for manned and unmanned platforms on the ground, in the air or at sea – announces the unveiling of its new comprehensive tactical communications kit.

Weighing approximately 20 kg, the lightweight kit is simple to operate and offers fast mobility by forces in the field, helping to prevent their exposure to hostile elements. The entire communications system is contained in one pack, which can also be flown in and brought to forces operating in the field.

The kit enables communication by small ground units with a range of platforms, including unmanned systems with LOS (Line-Of-Sight) of up to 45 km, loitering munition, and OPVs within 15 km of the shoreline.

The complete and comprehensive solution comprises a ground unit transceiver with two end units and two omni antennas; and a ground tactical station with “BAT”, omni antenna, GPS antenna, two batteries, a directional antenna and an auto tracking system.

BAT Communication Kit

The communications kit is based on Commtact’s Mini Micro Data Link System (M2DLS), a single-unit digital data link system that combines proven technologies and standards with advanced algorithms, to provide reliability and high performance, even in the harshest conditions.

“Attentive as ever to the needs of the forces in the field, Commtact has developed an easy-to-operate and fast to deploy (under 3 min) portable system that enables the continuous transfer of information from unmanned units to operating team at the field, under optimal conditions,” says Asaf Choshniak, Commtact’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. “As always, Commtact’s solutions enable the transfer of large volumes of information, in the shortest time and at the highest level of encryption.”

About Commtact Ltd.

Commtact provides advanced wireless communications solutions for military and civilian applications, and specializes in the design and manufacture of wideband data links that support most platform and sensor requirements. Commtact products operate in manned and unmanned aircraft, helicopters, marine vessels, and other short, medium, and long-range portable and mobile applications. The E-MDLS Family, Commtact’s data link solutions for unmanned platforms, includes both OEM and ruggedized versions, enabling transmission of secure wideband data and real-time HD video for all tactical uses. The E-MDLS Family was specifically designed to meet the market demands for reliable, robust communications for the defense, HLS, industrial, and mining markets.

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