The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) will conduct a virtual JCTE event on 8-9 December 20. The purpose of the JCTE is to provide industry with an opportunity for focused engagement with members of JSOC to share ideas that facilitate the delivery of innovative capabilities to Special Operations Forces (SOF). This event is a part of our overall effort to illuminate JSOC’s needs and accelerate solutions through partnerships. This outreach to industry begins with the release of our Technology Interest Items and culminates throughout the year with individual partnership agreements under USSOCOM’s Cooperative R&D Agreement authority. In some cases we will immediately accept your proposal and initiate a formal agreement. Should we need additional information, the JCTE provides an opportunity to better understand your proposal before partnering. To alleviate any confusion regarding this event, please read the entire announcement thoroughly and refer to the information provided.

The JCTE will be held on 8-9 Dec 20 via a virtual platform to be determined (TBD).

The JCTE will consist of 60-minute invitation-only sessions of selected vendors to discuss their Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Proposal submissions to JSOC personnel. No other vendors will be allowed in these sessions besides the presenting vendor. Presenters of selected CRADA proposals will receive their invitation via email.

Vendors interested in submitting CRADA proposals to JSOC should review the unclassified or classified Technology Interest Items list available by request via email to to initiate the process. Note that JSOC is interested in CRADA proposals primarily.

The SOF enterprise desires to inform and influence industry’s internal investment decisions in areas that address SOF’s most sensitive and urgent interest areas. Many in industry have expertise, capacity, funding and a desire to better understand and invest in SOF unique interest areas.

Factors that make this unique collaboration opportunity attractive include:

  • Increasing Military Budget Austerity – SOF is a judicious transition partner whose future resourcing is among the most well-preserved of the military Services. It is desirable to improve collaboration in an era where budget austerity tends to erect barriers to open communication.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) – the commercialization of dual-use (government/ commercial) technology can reduce costs to the government, but government contracting IP clauses can restrict industry’s ability to capitalize on their own IP. The proposed collaboration model preserves and protects industry’s ownership of their intellectual property.
  • Why does it matter? The technical advantage of US Special Operations is both critical and time sensitive. The time involved in the formal Requirements, Contracting and Acquisition processes can delay the fielding of cutting edge capabilities and negatively affect that technical advantage. Teaming with problem solvers early can mitigate process delay and help SOF maintain our technical advantage.

CRADA Proposal Submission Guidelines

All CRADA Proposal submissions must be UNCLASSIFIED.

A CRADA Proposal Cover Sheet and proposal guidance are available for download at the Vulcan submittal website described below. All CRADA proposals must include the cover sheet and adhere to the guidance to receive full consideration. Vendors may submit additional documentation as desired. However, vendors are discouraged from submitting “marketing material”. Instead, focus on providing the technical and operationally relevant information we will need to conclude that your CRADA proposal is worth pursuing. For example, technical merit involves assessing the current technology readiness level (TRL) of the major systems/sub-systems describing the basis for your estimate (i.e. theory, modelling & simulation results, lab data, field test data, operational use data, etc.), and providing the environmental, field, or lab test data needed to fully support your assertion through uploading the technical reports/results to Vulcan or providing a link for download.

All vendors who submit a CRADA proposal will be provided with the results of JSOC’s assessment through the Vulcan site.
Top Interest Items – JSOC has provided the following Top Interest Items as a priority for selecting 2020 CRADA Proposals: 313; 350; 416; 421; 421.1; 422; 422.1; 437; 446; 446.1; 448; 448.1; 449; 459; 460; 470; 472; 480; 504; 506; 509; 511; 514; 515; 516; 519; and 520.

Use of Vulcan for CRADA Proposal Submissions

As announced at vSOFIC 2020, Vulcan is a web interface and automated tech scouting tool to streamline efforts across the enterprise to discover and enable the sharing of vendor technologies within the SOF enterprise. JSOC will use Vulcan to support this event. Submittal instructions are located at each of these sites.

If you wish to submit a CRADA Proposal to JSOC, sign up and/or log into Vulcan at

If you experience issues with the Vulcan-SOF site or have any issues uploading your inputs as prescribed above, contact the Vulcan Help desk at Note that you can edit your technology scout cards all the way through to the Special Notice deadline. As a result, there is NO need to wait until the deadline to sign-up for a Vulcan account and submit your input.
Based on the Government’s assessment of the potential value and significance of the CRADA Proposal provided, your company may be selected to present at JCTE on 8-9 Dec 20. Selectees will be notified via e-mail from with time and details.
CRADA Proposal Due Date: All CRADA Proposals must be submitted through Vulcan no later than 1700 EDT, 11 Sep 20.

General Information

Please note that this event is for collaboration purposes only. It does not constitute a specific offer or commitment by JSOC to fund, in whole or in part, any opportunities referenced herein. Invitations to present a selected CRADA Proposal should not be construed as a requirement for which the Government is financially liable. Respondents will not be reimbursed for any travel, labor, information, etc., they provide in conjunction with this Special Notice. No contracts will result from participation in this event or CRADA proposals received; however, information received may be used in market research.

This JSOC collaboration event is in accordance with FAR 15.201(e) and is specifically for future and emerging technologies that would significantly advance designated commodity areas. This is NOT a Broad Agency Announcement, solicitation, or request for contractual offers. Interested participants are requested to follow submission guidelines to minimize expending extensive effort in preparing a CRADA Proposal that may not be considered or submitting unneeded proprietary information. All proprietary information will be safeguarded in accordance with FAR 3.104 and 18 U.S.C. § 1905.

JSOC will utilize contractor consultant/advisors to assist with the execution of this event. All advisors shall comply with procurement integrity laws and shall sign non-disclosure agreements. The Government shall take into consideration requirements for avoiding conflicts of interest and ensure advisors comply with safeguarding proprietary data. Contractor consultant/advisors will also be involved in follow on collaboration with selected industry partners, including managing and maintaining the websites and other tasks JSOC assigns.

Following are the details on a handful of those [Unclassified] areas deemed as highest priority.