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Precision Targeting Industry Days Conference: The Product Manager Soldier Precision Targeting Devices (PdM
SPTD) will conduct a Precision Targeting Industry Days Conference on 23 – 24 June 2020. The Conference will be
held virtually via Defense Collaboration Services conferencing at,
from 0830 to 1730 ET each day. The Web Conference Dial‐in number is 410‐874‐6300 or DSN: 312‐874‐6300,
Web Conf PIN: 276349139.

The focus of the Precision Targeting Industry Days Conference is to provide an update on the PdM SPTD Situation and Plans, the current Technology Road Map and schedule, and an opportunity for vendors to exchange information on their companies’ capabilities to support existing programs within the PdM SPTD portfolio. During the 23 June 2020 session, PdM SPTD will present an operational overview and constraints, capabilities roadmap overview and schedule, and hold an open public question and answer (Q&A) session. There will be opportunities for industry partners to present technologies, developmental efforts and ideas to the full audience on a first come first served basis. Squad‐level capability areas are of particular interest to PdM SPTD, where Size, Weight, and Power are of paramount importance. The areas of interest are (in no particular order) and not limited to:

Lightweight materials

Power reduction technologies/methods

Novel Imaging Sensors (Ex. High Sensitivity, High Operating Temperature)
a. Visible
b. Near Infrared
c. Long‐Wave Infrared
d. Mid‐Wave Infrared
e. Multi‐spectral

Orientation Sensors/Methodologies
a. North Finding
b. North Keeping
c. Position Keeping

GPS Denied Technologies (For Precision and Near‐Precision Coordinates CAT 1 and 2)
a. Self‐Position Deduction
b. Jamming Reduction/Negation

Novel Laser Technologies
a. Single/Multi‐power designation
b. Covert Laser Range Finding
i. Active
ii. Passive

High Precision Non‐mechanical Boresighting Methods

Image and laser stabilization

Companies are asked to limit presentations to the open forum to 30 minutes or less. Following the
Government’s and contractors’ open presentations and the Q&A sessions, companies will be afforded the
opportunity to participate in one‐on‐one sessions with the Government to present their capabilities to support
any future program opportunities and ask specific questions. Each company will only be allowed a maximum of
four (4) representatives to participate in the one‐on‐one session. Attendance is limited to U.S. Department of
Defense personnel and U.S. Department of Defense contractors, and exceptions as approved by PdM SPTD. If
an exception is desired, you must submit a by‐name request with the following explanation:

  • Name of participant
  • Requesting Organization
  • Company’s Country of Origin
  • Capability/Technology Desired to Be Briefed
  • Short synopsis of why this is beneficial to the U.S. DoD

Any questions for PdM SPTD to address to the broad audience during the Open Q & A Sessions on Day 1, should
be provided prior to the conference by email to the Government POCs. Any questions that would reveal
proprietary or sensitive information shall be clearly marked and discussed during the closed One‐on‐One
session. Any follow‐up questions during the conduct of the conference will be addressed and responses
provided by email to the attending conference company points of contact within 30 days after the conference.
All company information briefed during the conference will be provided to the Government with proper
Markings prior to the conference via DoD SAFE site with data in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, or
Adobe PDF format. To request a link, please contract Mr. Theodore Ashford and Mr. Scott Huelse below with
your work email address and the topic area. Those companies interested in attending the conference should
submit an “Attend Precision Targeting Industry Days Conference” email to both addressees, and no later than 12 June 2020.

Please consolidate all attendees from your company on one list and indicate if you desire a period to brief your
company capabilities, and if so, in open session or closed session.