The annual State and Future of GEOINT Report is a collection of articles intended for use by all GEOINT practitioners. This unclassified document contains a series of concise descriptions of problems, achievements, and emerging issues and technologies as a guide to better understand the global GEOINT mission — whether you work in the public, commercial, federal, civilian, defense, intelligence, or national security space.

Article topics are discussed and drafted by groups of volunteer authors. All members of the broad GEOINT Community to include industry, academia, and government, are welcomed and encouraged to participate and write for the report.

The 2020 State and Future of GEOINT Report offers insights about the state and potential of our community and its tradecraft; through the lens of people, process, technology, and data. This year’s report demonstrates the power of collaboration across academia, industry, and government to make informed statements about the possible. The article topics discussed in the 2020 report are drafted by groups of volunteer authors.

You can download the 2020 report here.