The 15 May 2020 solicitation is here – and the BAA is here.

The Air Force seeks to award multiple contracts and the Basic ID/IQ Contract will be valued at $400M per awardee.

Skyborg Air Vehicle:  Low cost unmanned vehicles are envisioned to augment high-end manned systems through a series of next-generation UAVs that are affordable, effective, quickly designed and produced.  While not considered an expendable system, attrition tolerance for these aircraft will be higher than for manned aircraft.  These Air Vehicles will develop low cost attritable aircraft designs and manufacturing concepts with a target unit flyaway cost at a small fraction of current manned systems.  In order to be truly affordable, acquisition, operation and maintenance costs would need to be correspondingly very low as compared to current tactical aircraft.  There will also be a large need to offer a short development cycle so that variants could rapidly be procured as needed.

Proposals are due on 15 June 2020.

Foreign bidders need not apply