April 14, 2020 – “The world is ill-prepared to respond to a severe influenza pandemic or to any similarly global, sustained and threatening public-health emergency.”

So wrote the International Health Regulations Review Committee in 2011. In late 2019, the novel Coronavirus rst appeared in Wuhan province in China, and has spread rapidly across the world. Its virulence and high fatality rate — particularly among the elderly and those with existing health problems — have created a public health crisis unseen in living memory. The closure of most businesses in the Western world is sending both national economies and the global economic order into a deep recessionary spiral. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has not been unscathed by the virus, and military leaders are currently coping with medical emergencies across the armed forces.

In CSBA’s new Report, COVID-19 – Analysis and Policy Implications, CSBA Senior Fellow Harrison Schramm, Navy Fellow Kevin Chlan, and Analyst Peter Kouretsos consider the implications of the current pandemic for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The report explores epidemics through statistical analyses, lists the near-term implications of this pandemic for the Pentagon, and assesses its long-term impact on the U.S. Government, and DoD in particular, with respect to budgetary challenges and funding priorities.