U.S. Army, Project Manager – Maneuver Combat Systems (PM-MCS), Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team (NGCV CFT), and Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal (ACC-DTA) will co-host an UNCLASSIFIED OMFV Industry Day on Thursday, 26 March 2020 from 0800 to 1200. The event is planned to be conducted virtually via Cisco Webex Software Application.

The purpose of the Industry Day is to present information concerning the path forward for the OMFV program and will include participation of the Program Executive Officer, NGCV CFT Lead, and Project Manager MCS. Planned topics include the tentative OMFV acquisition approach and the NGCV CFT OMFV Characteristics. Additional topics may include the role of modeling and simulation and test and evaluation in the revised approach and information on foreign participation.

Registration information and a draft agenda will be provided next week.
For more information about Cisco Webex Software Application see https://help.webex.com. Recommend interested parties prepare for WEBEX participation in advance. The USG will not assist with WEBEX issues.

If you have questions for the USG please submit them to the general mailbox at usarmy.detroit.peo-gcs.mbx.mcs-omfv-contracting@mail.mil. The subject line of your email should be as follows (exclusive of the parenthesis): “(Company Name) – OMFV Questions”. Industry questions and official USG answers will be released to beta.SAM.gov with information identifying the party submitting the questions removed. Industry is encouraged to submit their comments/questions using the using the Comment Resolution Matrix (CRM) format linked in this post.


Participation in the OMFV Industry Day is voluntary. The USG will not reimburse interested parties for any costs associated with participating in the OMFV Industry Day. Any procurement action for the OMFV Program will be subject to a separate, future announcement. The USG is under no obligation to award any related contract associated with this event. Further, it does not obligate the USG