Sydney, Australia

The Chairman of Horizon Defence Systems Pty Limited, Simon Truskett, has today welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Melissa Price, MP, of the award of a Defence Innovation HUB technology development contract to SORD Australia.

SORD Australia is a founding member of the Horizon Defence Systems (HDS) corporate alliance, which was formed in 2017 to foster an Australian industry collaboration model that could proactively generate innovation specifically focused on the evolving needs of the Australian Defence Force, as first canvassed in the 2016 Defence White Paper.

Defence Innovation HUB funding for the Concussion Reduction in Multiples Helmet (CRCX-H) project announced by the Defence Industry Minister, will support initial investigatory work into the science of blast impact accumulation on the human brain, along with its role in the realisation of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI).
Results from scientific investigations now being funded will be used to develop concepts for modifications to existing military helmets to reduce blast-induced concussion effects, and ultimately, new combat helmet designs that will combine concussion mediation technologies developed by local industry in parallel with contemporary developments in helmet armour technology.

Along with SORD Australia, the Concussion Reduction in Multiples Helmet project team also includes other HDS alliance partners such as Albion Sports Technology, as well as Sydney-based GLIA Diagnostics and the University of Melbourne. US-based BlackBox Biometrics will in turn work with GLIA Diagnostics to monitor metrics and provide analysis to support the validation of project outcomes.

HDS Chairman, Simon Truskett said “This is a great day for SORD Australia and Horizon Defence Systems, and really proves out our initial thoughts in 2017 that through active collaboration, Australian industry is able to develop world leading technology immediately relevant to the needs of the Australian Defence Force, as well as close allies and regional security partners.”

The CRCX-H project is the first of ten new military capability concept projects being developed within the HDS corporate alliance structure. Several latter concept projects have since been submitted to the Defence Innovation HUB and are under active consideration for funding support.