UV Inspect will be shown at the upcoming Border Security Expo on March 11-12 in San Antonio, TX:

  • The company’s newest artificial intelligence technology can ID threats on totally new, unscanned cars and trucks
  • UVeye’s underbody inspection systems can spot explosives, weapons, drugs and contraband in seconds

UVeye will unveil vehicle threat-detection technology in the United States this month that for the first time can instantly identify bombs, weapons, drugs and other security threats concealed in the undercarriage of new or unfamiliar vehicles.

The Israeli company’s Helios underbody scanning systems, when equipped with UV Inspect software, now provide law enforcement agencies and security professionals with the ability to automatically pinpoint threats on vehicles that are not in security databases, offering an entirely new level of protection.

In addition to weapons and other security threats, UVeye artificial intelligence technology now also can identify hard drives, storage devices and other computer equipment used to commit cyber crimes.

Previously in use with a select number of UVeye clients in Europe and the Asia Pacificregion, UV Inspect technology soon will be available to security-industry customers worldwide.

UVeye Helios inspection systems currently are deployed at hundreds of high-security locations throughout the world and have generated millions of vehicle scans at border crossings, vehicle check points, prisons, embassies, hotel entrances and other commercial locations.

Stationary and mobile versions of the company’s undercarriage inspection system can automatically scan and detect threats on any type of vehicle without traffic disruptions caused by traditional security methods. UVeye’s proprietary algorithms, cloud architecture, sensor fusion, artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies complete vehicle checks within seconds.

“Our newest generation of deep-learning technology can detect within seconds a wide variety of threats, including explosives, firearms and illegal drugs, as well as other contraband such as hard drives and portable storage devices used to commit cyber crimes,” notes Amir Hever, UVeye’s CEO. “Besides government and other sensitive facilities such as airports, embassies, hotels and prisons, we also have started to work with data centers and now are able to prevent hard drives and other storage devices from being taken into or out of these types of facilities.”

Introduced in 2016, UVeye undercarriage threat-detection systems can scan vehicles traveling up to 25 mph (35 km/h), helping to improve traffic flow at check points and border crossings even under extreme weather conditions.

Stationary Helios systems utilize five high-resolution multi-directional cameras, work under extreme weather conditions, support single- and multi-lane traffic configurations and can support vehicle weights of up to 20 tons per axle. Equipped with three high-resolution cameras, mobile versions are light and easy to transport, can be operational within five minutes and have a built-in operator work station.