7 January 2020

The company will deliver airborne & ground data link segments for major Asian program, enabling secure wideband communications for tactical drones and fixed-wing UAVs

Commtact Ltd. ‒ a leading provider of advanced wireless communications solutions for manned and unmanned platforms on the ground, in the air or at sea ‒ announces the award of a long-term contract to supply its E-MDLS Family of Enhanced Mini Data Link Solutions to a leading global defense company. The award reflects Commtact’s emergence as a recognized domestic and international supplier of data link systems for unmanned platforms.

As part of a major Asian program, the company will deliver over 2000 advanced airborne and ground data link segments for tactical drones and fixed-wing UAVs, enabling secure real-time wideband communications including video streaming. The contract includes the supply of several different versions of airborne transceivers, equipped with Commtact’s unique algorithm that enables robust and versatile operation at various ranges. The transceivers ‒ which include a multiple-antenna array ‒ allow automatic optimal switching between antennas. This facilitates flexible and immediate transitions between different polarizations in order to maintain optimal data link connectivity throughout the different stages of the mission. Additional ground-ruggedized IP67 segments for tactical use will be supplied to allow simple and quick deployment for different operational scenarios while maintaining a high level of operational flexibility. For long-range operations, Commtact will provide advanced auto tracking systems.

Commtact’s CEO, Ariel Kandel, noted, “We are extremely proud to be selected as the unmanned data link supplier for this unique, significant program. Signing a long-term contract with a globally-recognized defense contractor is a major milestone for Commtact. The award follows several successful programs and reflects the quality and value of Commtact’s core technology and capabilities. We will continue to invest in new technologies that bring our customers the most advanced, secure, and unique data link capabilities for unmanned systems.”

About Commtact Ltd.

Commtact provides advanced wireless communications solutions for military and civilian applications, and specializes in the design and manufacture of wideband data links that support most platform and sensor requirements. Commtact products operate in manned and unmanned aircraft, helicopters, marine vessels, and other short, medium, and long-range portable and mobile applications. The E-MDLS Family, Commtact’s data link solutions for unmanned platforms, includes both OEM and ruggedized versions, enabling transmission of secure wideband data and real-time HD video for all tactical uses. The E-MDLS Family was specifically designed to meet the market demands for reliable, robust communications for the defense, HLS, industrial, and mining markets.