Original Published Date: Dec 04, 2019 05:33 pm EST


Industry Day Overview

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) will host an Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) Industry Day on Wednesday, 11 December 2019, beginning at 0900 EST at the USCG Yard located in Baltimore, MD. The Coast Guard’s overall goal for the OPC Industry Day event is to refresh awareness and understanding of industry capabilities and provide an opportunity for potential industry partners to gain additional insight into OPC follow-on acquisition activities.

Participants will have an opportunity to engage USCG OPC program staff during Industry Day in advance of the final Industry Studies RFP release. One-on-one meetings will not be held during the conference. During the course of this Industry Day, the USCG will provide information and answers to the best of its ability at this time; however, everything discussed during Industry Day by the Government is notional and is NOT to be considered binding. Everything presented is subject to change or cancellation. The Industry Day is not a request for proposals. The Government will not hear proposals from industry during this event. The briefings provided by the Government and the answers to any questions given during the briefings will be made available to all potential vendors following this Industry Day.

Industry Day Registration:
OPC Industry Day will be held in the Coast Guard YARD Gymnasium, the Columbus Recreation Center which is building 143 on the attached map-Attachment 2. The address for the Base is 2401 Hawkins Point Road, Baltimore, MD 21226. The YARD Police department will direct attendees to park on the ballfield.

To attend the OPC Industry Day, attendees must RSVP NLT 1200 EST Monday 09 December 2019. To RSVP, complete Attachment 1 – Coast Guard Yard Access Form and email the completed form to OPC@uscg.mil before the RSVP deadline. Include the full name for each attendee in the RSVP, attendees must have a Government issued photo ID which matches their name as listed on the RSVP to gain access. Each vendor will be limited to three (3) attendees. Registration requests after the deadline, to include walk-ins on the day of the conference, will not be accepted.

Lunch is available onboard the YARD at the Drydock Club. The menu can be viewed and orders can be placed in person or online at this website for pickup in the restaurant: https://www.uscgdrydockclub.com/#/

For questions regarding OPC Industry Day, please e-mail OPC@uscg.mil.