FOSOV Autonomous and Automated Mobility – Capability Collaboration Event (CCE) – 19-20 February 2020

Request to Attend NLT 10 January 2020

Purpose: SOFWERX in collaboration with USSOCOM PEO SOF Warrior (SW), will host an Autonomous and Automated Mobility Capability Collaboration Event (CCE). The event will explore tactical, SOF Autonomy and Automation Mobility 0-5 year gaps, analyze and define future concepts and prioritize operational use cases which will be used to develop future SOF Autonomous and Automated Mobility requirements.

Methodology: Attendees will work as teams to focus on the operational application(s) of autonomous and automated mobility in a tactical environment. SOF mobility operators will collaborate with invited members of Industry, Academia, Laboratory and Non-Traditional subject matter experts to define current and projected limitations, as well as ways to overcome those challenges of import. Teams will also develop operational use cases designed to identify and challenge future autonomous and automated SOF mobility assumptions. These scenarios will be used to prioritize future SOF autonomous and automated mobility requirements.

Why Should You Participate? The event will be a compelling opportunity for the leading minds in industry, laboratory, academic, and non-traditional autonomous and automated mobility experts to better understand and influence the future needs of SOF Autonomous and Automated Mobility operations.

Event Overview

Phase 1: Autonomous and Automated Mobility subject matter experts from Industry, Laboratory and Academic fields will request to attend NLT 10 January 2020.

Phase 2: 10 Jan-20 Jan, SOF Autonomous and Automated Mobility experts will down select the following numbers of experts in each of the associated categories.

  • 30 Government SOF Mobility Operations SME’s
  • 10 Industry/Commercial Autonomous and/or Automated Vehicle Experts
  • 10 Academic Autonomous, Automated and/or Experts in Data Science Applied to Vehicles

Phase 3: Those participants down selected to attend the Phase 4 event will be notified via e-mail o/a 20 January 2020.

Phase 4: 19-20 Feb – SOFWERX will conduct the Capability Collaboration Event (CCE) focused on the future of Autonomous and Automated SOF Mobility operations.

Tentative Agenda
19 February
0800 – 0815: Check-In (Doors Open at 0800)
0815 – 0845: SOFWERX Welcome and Introductions
0845 – 0915: Stakeholder Remarks
0915 – 1015: 2 x Rounds of Current Use Cases Where Autonomy or Automation Could be a Force Multiplier
1015 – 1030: Break
1030 – 1130: 2 x Rounds of Predicted Use Cases Where Autonomy or Automation Could be a Force Multiplier
1130 – 1245: Networking/Lunch (On Your Own)
1245 – 1400: “Blue Sky” Action Plan Working Group
1400 – 1500: “Blue Sky” Action Plan Briefs
1500 – 1515: Break and Vote on Top 5
1515 – 1630: Focus Area Issues Discussions
1630 – 1645: Closing Remarks
1645: Optional SOFWERX Tour

Government Attendees come prepared to discuss what their organization is currently doing/tried and what has worked well/hasn’t
0800 – 0815: Check-In (Doors Open at 0800)
0830-1200: Government Only Session: Setting the Stage

*Please note, the agenda is subject to change.

How You Can Participate

•Request to Attend Capability Collaboration Event on 19-20 February: Click Here to Request to Attend (NLT 10 January)


For event related questions, please contact Kinsey Crim,

For technical related questions, please contact David Vachon,