The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC),  “the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training event,” will take place this week from December 2-6 in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).

I/ITSEC 2019 will consist of keynote speakers, special events, tutorials and workshops attracting exhibitors and attendees from all around the world. The conference serves to provide training, simulation and modeling education and the exchange of information among the industry, military and educational community.

The full I/ITSEC 2019 agenda is here.

Here’s Monday’s Show Daily News Digest

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Workshops (a full list of the workshops can be found on page 11 of the full program)

Industry Exhibitors at I/ITSEC 2019

The I/ITSEC 2019 floor plan can be found here and the full list of exhibitors can be found here. Among the exhibitors that have reached out to DSJ regarding their show offerings are:

  • Booz Allen’s immersive training technology, which was just launched last month, offers one secure, open framework to empower soldiers to achieve higher lethality with greater survivability through real-world battlefield scenarios. At its booth Booz Allen will offer multiple VR and AR simulations, so stop by to try your hand at disposing of hazardous explosives, clearing a room using a specialized haptic M4 rifle, or interacting with high-powered microwave weapons and lasers. (Booth 1265)
  • Cubic Global Defense will highlight its world class: Live Training Systems; Soldier/Squad Training System; Synthetic Training Environment (STE); SLATE Validated LVC; Simplified Planning Execution Analysis and Reconstruction (SPEAR); Synthetic Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); Synthetic Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (SYN-ISR) solution; and Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment. (Booth 1948)
  • Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) will showcase its integrated training program, Project Manager Cargo (PM Cargo), which improves the Army Aviation capabilities for the CH-47F Chinook at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando on December 2-5. ECS has been designing training to familiarize Soldiers on the modernized cockpit and upgrades to several flight systems for over a year under a contract for the U.S. Army Program Executive Office – Aviation (PEO Aviation). (Booths 698 & 1235)
  • MetaVR is introducing a new portable joint fires training solution called the Deployable Joint Fires Trainer (DJFT). This system is designed to provide a quick deploy capability for Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) and Forward Observers (FO) to train alongside fixed- and rotary-wing aircrew within an immersive, joint training environment. (Booth 1348).
Deployable Joint Fires Trainer

Special Events at I/ITSEC 2019

  • Iron Dev is a team competition similar to competitive cooking shows, where teams will be given a challenge and “secret ingredient” to develop a training solution to improve warfighter readiness.  Teams will consist of 4 developers and a senior mentor or producer. Equipment (Ingredients) will be provided as well as some equipment will be identified for teams to bring. Teams will have three full days to develop their system and then demonstrate them on the 4th day of the competition in front of a fun and engaging panel of judges.
  • Launch Pad is a special event designed to provide a venue for demonstration of innovative and disruptive technologies to I/ITSEC 2019 attendees. Team Orlando, an inter-service military partnership in Central Florida, has taken the lead to create a forum where industry, academia and government participants can display their latest and greatest technologies to conference attendees, to include key government acquisition stakeholders, with focused presentations during I/ITSEC 2019. The objective is to showcase innovative and disruptive initiatives that may be included in future acquisition efforts.
  • Raytheon Company unveiled a new immersive military training product, the Synthetic Training Environment Soldier Virtual Trainer, or STE SVT, which uses virtual reality to train squads of soldiers in multiple scenarios while using real and virtual weapons. (Booth 1037)
Raytheon photo illustration of the Synthetic Training Environment. The Synthetic Training Environment Squad and Soldier Virtual Trainer uses virtual reality to train squads of soldiers in multiple scenarios while using real and virtual weapons.

Highlights from Monday, December 2nd

  • A delegation from the Congressional Modeling and Simulation Caucus was present at I/ITSEC on Monday to discuss the Washington perspective and details of their advocacy work for modeling and simulation in defense. The delegation consisted of Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA), Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) and Jack Bergman (R-MI) who each spoke of their efforts in legislation and of their work with other members of congress to focus on the ever growing role of technology in training and education.

Highlights from Tuesday, December 3rd

  • Tuesday kicked off strong with the opening ceremonies along with keynote addresses from General Stephen W. Wilson, Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, and Mark Matthews, President of Quantum 3D Government Systems, and then the Senior Leader Panel. The conversation continued in the afternoon with the Air Force General Officer Panel, where participants had a chance to dig into how the Air Force Operational Training Infrastructure enables pushing this year’s conference theme of “Winning the War of Cognition by Pushing Readiness and Lethality Boundaries.”

** I/ITSEC 2019 Registration will take place Monday-Wednesday from 7:00am to 6:00pm and Thursday from 8:30am to 3:00pm**

Watch I/ITSEC TV for the latest footage from the conference.