On 3-6 February 2020, USSOCOM will host a Technical Experimentation (TE) event at Avon Park Air Force Range in Avon Park, Florida. The goal is to explore emerging technologies, technical applications and their potential to provide solutions for future SOF Night Vision Electro Optics (NVEO).

USSOCOM is in search of candidates from Industry, Academia and Government Labs to submit nomination package(s). Government will review and downselect for technologies to be demonstrated at the TE event.

Submit your technology related to the focus areas below for the opportunity to participate.

Technology Focus Areas
– True Color Night Vision and Fused Imagery Sensors
– True Color Night Vision for the Tactical Video System (TVS) /
– Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition (RSTA)
– Technical Surveillance Equipment (TSE) and RSTA

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