Sig Sauer showcased its highly-anticipated Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) systems at the 2019 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

This consisted of two new weapons systems: the Next Generation Squad Weapons Rifle (NGWS-R); and the Next Generation Squad Weapons Automatic Rifle (NGWS-AR), that will replace the M4 and M249 respectively, and their new Hybrid Ammunition. Early this year Sig Sauer was awarded a contract to produce these weapon systems for the US Army.

Photo from Sig Sauer

The two new systems have maintained the feel of an M4 with a very similar lower receiver. Functions check will work identical on the NGSW-R and the M4, and disassembly will be mostly the same with the main difference being the change to the gas system – the new NGSW-R has a gas piston system instead of a direct gas impingement system. The new weapon system weighs in at 7.97lbs making it comparable to its M4 counterpart. 

The Next Generation Squad Weapons Automatic Rifle (NGWS-AR) — a lightweight machine gun — weighs in at 12 pounds, making it over 10 pounds lighter than the SAW and M240B. Sig Sauer was committed to keeping a traditional form of the weapons system and made their NGSW-AR “a belt fed machine gun, so we have an opportunity to give the soldier something that he’s been trained on,” said a Sig Sauer representative at the event. The NGSW-AR comes equipped with a quick detach magazine feature that allows for quick reloading and keeps the soldier in the fight. 

Both weapon systems come with a collapsible and foldable buttstock and ambidextrous features: ambidextrous magazine release; safety on both sides; ambidextrous bolt catch and release; and ambidextrous charging handle.

Along with the new weapons systems, Sig Sauer also presented its new Hybrid Ammunition. This ammunition maintains its brass body but combines brass with a lock washer and metal cap. This allows for more pressure in the cartridge (brass alone can handle 68 KSI but the new configuration can handle up to 103KSI). With the increase in pressure, the bullet can reach a higher velocity without having to increase the length of the barrel. The bullet and cartridge are also 20% lighter than the previous model, which fulfills the Army’s requirement for lighter ammunition.