OBJECTIVE: The USAF cyber mission seeks to preserve freedom of maneuver in/from/through Cyberspace while denying our adversaries the same, as well as to generate required effects in support of our Combatant Commanders missions.  The objective of the EC2 contract is to provide a flexible and responsive contract vehicle to support the need for the demanding and rapidly evolving cyberspace contract services support.  Emphasis will be placed on those services that enable execution of the Air Force cyber mission through provision of contracted Professional Services in order to support the Air Force achievement, maintenance, and assertion of Cyberspace Superiority.

SCOPE: The scope of this effort includes supporting and enabling activities such as cyber operations, command and control, cyber planning, cyber security, cyber analysis, full spectrum testing, TTP development, modeling and simulation, cyber mission essential support, threat assessment support, targeting and analysis support, real time operation and integration activities, software and tool development, vulnerability research, intrusion detection and prevention support, cyber qualification training, and strategic management support which enable fulfillment of the Air Force cyber mission.

Here’s the USAF’s 20 September solicitation – https://www.fbo.gov/?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=d78224c0ed1a2c960955052c8193e32f&tab=core&_cview=0

Here’s the RFI itself – https://www.fbo.gov/utils/view?id=424ea294405df75891e0e8473202e005

Responses due on 11 October 2019.