04-08 November 2019

Request to Attend Deadline:
27 September 2019 11:59 PM EST

SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host a SOF Rapid Capabilities Assessment (RCA) event from 04-08 Nov 2019, in Tampa, FL, to provide a system/subsystem level breakdown of technology partners, their technology maturity, risk and provide insight for deciding next steps, such as technology investment opportunities.

The purpose of this event is to further explore topics vetted during IF4, and especially topics validated and approved by the Marine Forces Special Operations Command planning cell, as they relate to Special Reconnaissance (SR) and Direct Action (DA) in a proposed 2030 mission. Additionally, separate teams will investigate parallel-path efforts or rapid experimentation and characterization for related aspects of the SR and DA mission sets, such as unmanned systems control, parallel-path technology in AI, power requirements, lethal and non-lethal packages for drones, cyber, etc.

Focus Areas
• AI and Counter Cyber for Autonomous Unmanned Collective Control
• Communications/Power/Processing for Autonomous Unmanned Systems
• Investigation of Lethal and Non-Lethal Packages for Unmanned Systems

Personnel Requirements
USSOCOM will select ten (10) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), across the focus areas listed above, to participate in this event.

Stipends & Reimbursements
Selected participants will be afforded $6,000 to offset travel cost and provide for a modest stipend for their participation from 04-08 November.

03 November – 1700 – 2000: SOF SR DA RCA Event Preview & Q&A (Location: Ybor City, Tampa, FL)
Invitees are encouraged to attend this informal forum.

04-08 November – A finalized schedule will be provided to attendees NLT 25 October. Interested parties can plan for workdays from 0800 – 1630 each day

How to Participate
Industry, Academia and National Labs

Request to Attend as a Subject Matter Expert: Click Here to Request to Attend (NLT 27 September 2019)

• Submitted CVs will be reviewed by USSOCOM for potential participation and subsequent downselect for attendance.
• Selected SMEs will be notified on or around 02 October.

SOFWERX, 1925 E 2nd Avenue, Suite 102, Tampa, FL 33605

For event related questions, please contact Tania Steele, tania.steele@sofwerx.org
For technical questions, please contact Eric Abrahamson, ericabrahamson@force1decon.com
For logistical questions, please contact Carl Havens, carl.havens.ctr@socom.mil