A record number of Israeli companies are exhibiting (9-13 September) at the Defense & Security Equipment International (DSEI 2019) Conference in London with solutions focusing on tactical force protection, counter-drone systems, persistent surveillance, communications, firearm applications, motion systems for air, sea and land applications, and more.

According to Brigadier General (Ret.) Yair Kulas, Director of the International Defense Cooperation Directorate — SIBAT — within Israel’s Ministry of Defense (IMOD) and organizer of Israel’s National Pavilion:

“The security challenges facing the European continent are growing, and so is the demand for technologically advanced defense systems. This year, the threat posed by drones to cities, airports and strategic facilities occupies a central place and is at the forefront of the global security conversation. Israeli counter-drone defense systems, most of which have already gained operational experience in Israel and around the world, are generating interest in many countries. In addition, Israeli industries will present a very wide range of defense systems at the cutting edge of technology: unmanned land and maritime systems, border and facility protection, intelligence and surveillance systems, air defense, special forces solutions, and more.”

Among the Israeli companies and their DSEI- featured offerings are the following:

Controp will launch two solutions – a Unique Video Motion Detection Payload and ‘Server in the Sky’ for Persistent Surveillance, and a Weapon Director Payloads for Remote Weapon Stations (RWSs) and Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs). The company will also present for the first time a complete solution for Coastal and Maritime Surveillance.

Controp’s Weapon Director Payload

ECI Telecom will highlight its next generation immune and secured Integrated Defense Networks.

Elbit Systems will display a range of new and battle-proven solutions across the artillery, self-protection, intelligence, unmanned and avionics sectors. Exhibits will include HattoriX, a Manpack Fire Support System enabling Passive, Precise and Rapid Target Acquisition.

Elmo Motion Control – a leading manufacturer of innovative motion control technologies ‒ will introduce its newest solution at DSEI. Gold Triple Bee is an extreme power-density servo drive with an ultra-current, meant to drive the world’s most critical missions, where high precision and high reliability are mandatory.

General Robotics will showcase the next generation lightweight, fast Pitbull-3 anti-drone remote weapon station and the DOGO Mark II anti-terror robot with its latest capabilities – faster Point & Shoot™ and new less-lethal capabilities.

DOGO Mark II Anti-Terror Robot

IMC Industries, a leading global provider of RF modules, microwave components, antenna and data link communication systems for defense and homeland security applications – is proud to announce a new advanced transceiver for air-to-air, air-to-ground and sea-to-air, real-time, point-to-point communications. The transceiver is installed on aircraft, helicopters, ships and ground stations.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will exhibit: Advanced UAS stations; Precision Munitions such as Rampage, TopGun and Rotem; Drone Guard Anti Drone System and more.

MAGAM Safety will showcase its next-generation of self-sealing flexible fuel tanks that prevent leakage from up to 30mm rounds.

Physical Logic will introduce its next generation, ultra-light high precision closed loop MEMS accelerometers with exceptional short-term and long-term performance, comparable to Navigation Grade electromechanical quartz accelerometers.

RADA will reveal two new air defense radar systems for on-the-move force protection and can be mounted on vehicles.

Rafael will be showcasing its complete all-in-one SAMSON™ 30mm Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS), integrated with two SPIKE™ missiles and the TROPHY™ Active Protection System (APS).


REDLER will introduce its breakthrough smart power circuit breakers, enabling energy management for better efficiency and reducing the platform’s weight.

RP Optical Lab will launch its lightweight, high-resolution cooled thermal camera for defense & HLS applications.


RT LTA will announce improved capabilities for the popular SkyStarTM aerostat family.

SCD will showcase its new generation Sparrow, a miniature high definition (HD) MWIR video core – the smallest HD IR Detector in its category – perfectly suited to a variety of air and land surveillance applications.

SAN will present its unique electro hydraulic Tactical Breaching Kit.

Seraphim Optronics will highlight FIREFLY: a Family of Unique Unified Multi-Sensor Surveillance Systems for Perimeter Security, Defense and HLS Applications.

SmartShooter will showcase, among other products, its SMASH family of fire control systems, designed, developed and manufactured in-house to keep friendly forces safe and ensure every first round hits its target, day or night.

SMASH 2000 Plus

Steadicopter will unveil the Final Configuration of its Black Eagle 50 Compact RUAV.

UVision Air will showcase its game-changing Hero-30 – man portable UAS, deployable within minutes suitable for Special Forces missions – installed on EINSA’s tactical vehicle – the NETON . Also at the company will display the Hero-120 , Hero 400-EC and the Hero Simulator.

Hero-30 – mounted on EINSA’s tactical vehicle – the NETON

More information on the DSEI venue and hours and opportunities to exhibit is available here.