The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intends to award a single firm-fixed price Purchase Order for a U.S.-made Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and associated services to the firm that submits the lowest price/technically acceptable quote in response to this solicitation.

The solicitation number is RFQ0006353 and this is a Total Small Business Set-Aside. Bids are due on 3 September.

The Request for Quotation is here –

The specification is here – and follows:

The drone aircraft will include the following:

  • It is a USA made product.
  • The configuration is Hexacopter.
  • The flight controller is PixHawk 2.1 Blue Cube with ArduPilot firmware.
  • The airframe and landing gear are made from Full Carbon Fiber.
    • The wings are foldable with locking mechanism, no special tools needed.
    • The legs are removable with locking mechanism, no special tools needed.
  • The battery tray has quick release and locking mechanism.  Using 4 – 6S 16,000 mAH LiPO batteries for the aircraft.  The system will operate at 50vdc.  The battery source will run 2 sets of batteries in parallel to each other. Allow a set of batteries to fail and the aircraft will still fly.
  • The aircraft needs to fly if 1 motor fails so it can land safely.
  • All aircraft telemetry information is not recorded or sent to a 3rd party vendor.  All telemetry information is store on local memory and only end user has access to it.  Telemetry information consist of GPS, IMU, flight hours, etc.
  • The drone frequencies used:
    • Drone: 900 MHz
    • Payload: MIMO 2.4GHz AES128 with a bandwidth 15-20 MBps for example; Microhard digital IP.  Will need ground to aircraft communication with payload up to 400 feet.
  • 30 watt supply for payload at 12VDC.
  • Needs to be dust proof.
  • Total aircraft weight with payload is 55 lbs.
  • Traveling Case with custom foam for Drone.
  • Traveling Case for Batteries.

Battery charging system:

  • A module that can charge 4 – 6s LIPO batteries at a time.  The charge time should be less than 1 hour per set.
  • The charging system will test and charge the batteries.
  • Custom case for charger.

Gimbal will include the following:

  • Freefly Movi Pro Gimbal or similar that supports up to 15lb payload.  Needs an isolation dampener (for 15 lb payload) to prevent any shaking or jitter during flights.
  • Integrate custom payload from Corning.  P/N: microHSI 425 Shark sensor.  The total weight with lens is 11 lbs. The power interface is 12VDC and RJ45.  The physical size of sensor without lens is 9.4x18x26.67cm.  The sensor will point in the downward direction or nadir at all times.  The GPS antenna needs to be placed on the top of aircraft.
  • Develop a custom mechanical mount for payload into the selected gimbal. 
  • Traveling Case for gimbal and payload.

Ground Station will include:

  • Desert Rotor PN: 12PCX HDW.  Single 19” HD wide display, Core i5 PC, controls for gimbal, drone, etc.
  • The ground station also includes software for flight autonomy program and mission planning.
  • Integrated a Microhard digital IP module to interface the HSI web server for viewing on ground station monitor. 
  • View the onboard 1080 WIFI camera in the ground station monitor.
  • Need to monitor the drone current usage during flight.

Need the following:

  1. Drone qty1
  2. Gimbal qty: 1
  3. Ground station qty: 1
  4. Extra sets of batteries qty:1
  5. Charging Station qty: 1
  6. Battery qty: 24 which is about 6 sets
  7. Battery cases
  8. 1 year warranty program
  9. Spare parts
  10. 1 day of full training instructions.