$17,000 in Total Prizes
Submission Deadline: 15 September 11:59 PM EST

Overview: Explore ideas for the creation of a hologram or 3D image in a remote location, and at different distances. The hologram image must be projected without use of existing fixed structures or supports and with minimal setup time. The challenge is to develop a concept to create an image in an operational and/or expeditionary ad hoc environment using remote terrestrial vehicles, a vehicle mounted system, a manpackable system, and/ or similar capabilities to deploy the system. The system might have the potential to leverage power locally or come with a solar kit or battery operated.

Use Case: A Military Information Support Operation (MISO) team is deployed to the CENTCOM area of responsibility. The team has been tasked with projecting holograms of realistically appearing deities and/or leaders of importance. They have also been tasked to assist with keeping insurgents away from key terrain by producing holographic smoke, illusory walls or obstacles and other types of strategic deception management.

User Desirements: The tool must be capable of cloud management, 3D holographic high resolution during day or night, can be integrated into multiple devices, solar energy wirelessly charged, used for optical deception and cloaking, supports PSYOP and strategic deception management, stores hundreds of gigabytes of information, and capable of motion-capture technique. Additionally, the tool must be capable of masking true troop numbers, producing holographic smoke, creating illusory walls or displays behind which Soldiers could hide, creating images such as weather patterns, buildings, religious figures and other decoys.

How Can You Can Participate:

  1. Review challenge objectives and specifications
  2. Review evaluation criteria
  3. Join the Prize Challenge Q&A Telecom on 21 August at 1500: Click Here to RSVP
  4. Develop a white paper outlining an approach that meets the User Case and User Desirements: Click Here to Download Template
  5. Submit the concept white paper describing your solution
    – There is no minimum/maximum page count for this submission
    – Participants are to provide their technology concept in the format best suited to convey the information as clearly and succinctly as possible

All the details are here: https://www.teamwerx.org/hologram