The National Defense Industrial Association’s 2019 Global EOD Symposium & Exhibition took place this week in Bethesda, Maryland as an NDIA event in partnership with the EOD Warrior Foundation.

The preeminent annual event for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Public Safety Bomb Squad (PSBS), and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)/demining community, the 2019 iteration featured:

  • Three sub-track professional tenets in Counter IED, Counter UXO and Combating WMD that showcase international and interagency interoperability;
  • Service EOD future requirements and program managers’ acquisition briefings;
  • Technical presentations addressing innovative EOD threat solutions;
  • An update from the EOD Warrior Foundation on its ground-breaking assistance to the EOD community; and
  • The EOD Warrior Foundation Silent Auction, featuring dozens of unique items with proceeds benefiting the foundation.

DSJ will post the Symposium presentations when they become available.

The tenth annual event again sold out of exhibitor booth space. The 49 Global EOD exhibitors from Government and industry included:

Combating Terrorism Tactical Support Office (Booth 513) experts featured the interagency’s central focus on Improvised Device Defeat (IDD). This CTTSO focus includes device diagnostics and threat characterization and the leveraging of advanced robotics, including the developmental robot shown below, to minimize human operator exposure in EOD mission execution.

908 Devices (Booth 306) featured its MX908TM, below, which “increases mission support with unmatched flexibility and trace detection power for responders in priority drug, chemical, explosive and high-threat hazmat scenarios.”

Alluviam LLC (Booth 303) said that its HazMasterG3® handheld CBRNE/HME Decision Support System (below), which has been adopted by the US Military, NATO, coalition partners and civilian, intelligence and military agencies, puts state-of-the-art EOD/HME decision support in the hands of those that need it most, on stand-alone, unclassified COTS platforms – from embedded systems, smartphones, tablets and MS-Windows.

FFI TACTICAL, a division of Field Forensics, Inc. (Booth 310) is distributor of EOD equipment including: Constant Potential (CP) portable x-ray generators, such as LITEX™, Long-range recoilless disruptors, such as the VULKAN™ (below), Detonator carriers, including the Advance Manual Techniques, AMT mini det pouch, Water Cutting Systems such as MACE™ and miniMACE™, and UXO search equipment.

Vulkan 4th gen maxi modular, variable projectile mass, recoilless disruptor

FLIR Systems (Booth 508), having recently purchased Endeavor Robotics, and, in so doing, comprises the largest global provider of tactical unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), featured its FirstLook, SUGV, PackBot, Kobra UGVs.

FLIR System’s large UGV, the KOBRA

Leidos (Booth 506) unveiled the latest generation — the RTR-6 — of its Real-Time-Radiography (RTR) system, which it touts as “a valuable aid in assessing and defusing improvised explosive devices and unexploded ordnance at a safe distance.”

((Leidos’ RTR device

NOVO DR (Booth 200), the leading developer and manufacturer of Portable Digital Radiography X-Ray Inspection Systems, showcased its innovative, compact, and rugged offerings including its Eagle, Falcon, Ranger, Rover (see below) and Spark.

Pendar (Booth 301) featured its Pendar X10™, which it touts as providing “breakthrough, short-range standoff Raman chemical identification. By increasing measurement distance (stand-off) and strongly reducing the risks of laser-induced explosion and eye damage, Pendar X10™ offers EOD, HAZMAT, Narcotics and other teams new levels of safety, accuracy, and speed in the field.”

Pendar X10™

QinetiQ North America (Booth 107) featured the company’s UGVs including an updated, IOP-compliant iteration of the company’s venerable TALON V robot, as well as the SPUR (Squad-Packable Utility Robot), below, the company’s name for the system that it is finalizing for the Army under award for the Common Robotic System-Individual (CRS(I)) program.

Ravens Challenge (Booth 108) – The Raven’s Challenge (RC) Interoperability Exercise is an annual, interagency, counter IED exercise that incorporates scenarios focused on interoperability capabilities between public safety bomb squads (PSBSs) and military explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) units in operational environments. Program officials outlined current focus and planned events, including those shown below and described here.

Roboteam (Booth307) designs, develops and manufactures cutting edge, user-oriented, multi-purpose, unmanned platforms and controllers for Defense, Law Enforcement and Public Safety missions. Roboteam featured its line of UGVs including the new TIGR full-featured tactical ground robot (below).

Roboteam’s medium-sized TIGR UGV