Objective: USSOCOM Science and Technology (S&T) is looking for passive systems (re: non-emitting) that detect and/or track sUAS systems in all-weather conditions. The solutions proposed can be 1) man-packable, 2) vehicle borne, or 3) Forward Operating Base (FOB) sized capabilities since SOF is interested in all three levels and/or types of counter sUAS capabilities. Novel, potentially high-risk and disruptive concepts that bring new ideas and/or capabilities are highly desired. Beyond line of sight (BLOS) detection and/or tracking is not required but is highly desired.

Timeline: This prize challenge criteria is based on the disruptive nature of the technology as well as the ability of the submitter to conduct rapid technical sprints allowing the project to be demonstrated (or debunked) in 30 days.

  • 12 August: Challenge Q&A Telecom at 1500 ET (RSVP Below)
  • 14 August: Phase I – Submissions Deadline
  • 15 August: USSOCOM reviews submissions and selects two awardees for $10K cash prize
  • 16 August: Awardees Notified
  • 19 August: Awardees will have the opportunity to complete B2B agreements with SOFWERX to develop prototypes ($100K total available)
  • 26 September: Phase II – Prototype Demonstrations
  • 30 September: Phase III – Deployment of the system for test and user evaluation

How Can You Can Participate:

  1. Review challenge use case: Click Here to Review
  2. Review evaluation criteria
  3. Join the Challenge Q&A Telecom on 12 August at 1500 ET: Click Here to RSVP
  4. Develop a white paper outlining an approach that meets the requirements: Click Here to Download White Paper Template
  5. Submit the concept white paper describing your solution