The Army’s PM FVL-FLRAA invites interested parties to attend an industry day on 31 July 2019, in Huntsville, AL to gain more insight into the PM’s intent for the FLRAA development acquisition approach.

The industry day does not commit the Government to a contract or an agreement for any supply or service and is not a Request for Proposal (RFP) or solicitation. Any information presented at the industry day is not an offer and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract or agreement. Attendees are reminded that the Government will not pay for any information or administrative/travel costs incurred as a result of attending industry day and each attendee shall bear their own costs associated with participation.

Government Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance (SETA) support contractors will be present and supporting the Government at the industry day. The Government team (Government and SETA support contractors) will consist of FVL-FLRAA Project/Product Office, Future Vertical Lift Cross Functional Team (FVL CFT), Army Contracting Command – Redstone (ACC-R) and PEO Aviation representatives.


The FLRAA is a pre-Major Defense Acquisition Program commissioned to develop and field the next generation of affordable vertical lift utility aircraft to the Army. There are two purposes for the FLRAA industry day. The first is to share the Project Manager’s acquisition approach pertaining to near-term, phased, competitive demonstration and risk reduction agreement opportunities through the Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium (AMTC) (enclosure 001). The second purpose is to share the Project Manager’s overarching intent for longer-term FLRAA development acquisition opportunities.


Each industry attendee must pre-register for the event. No walk-in participants will be allowed. Registration must be completed no later than 12 July 2019 and no substitutions to registered participants will be accepted after the registration deadline. Industry participants are limited to no more than three personnel for attendance per organization, company or business entity.

Interested attendees will register through “eInvitations” at

The points of contact (POC) identified therein can assist participants with registration issues; however, only the Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) may be contacted to respond to technical questions pertaining to this invitation utilizing the process identified in the below sections. Once registered, each attendee will receive a confirmation email that will provide the industry day location and time.

Industry is encouraged to submit questions prior to and during the industry day, utilizing the format found at enclosure 002 to this invitation. Administrative questions asked prior to and during industry day will be answered either prior to or during the industry day. Responses to all other questions will be adjudicated and posted to industry through FedBizOps within a reasonable time following the industry day. Additionally, questions received on or before 12 July 2019 will be considered for response during the industry day event. All questions shall be submitted to the (PCO).


The Government intends to conduct unclassified briefings during the primary industry day event and will be open to all registrants to the industry day. In addition, a classified briefing (up to the Secret level) will be provided. The target audience for the classified briefing will be industry participants that intend to provide a FLRAA total weapon system solution, who have the appropriate clearance level, have submitted a visit request through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) and have been approved by the PM FVL’s Security Office to participate (see security requirements below). The Government also intends to conduct one-on-one discussions that may be up to the Secret level of classification with those industry partners that responded to the FLRAA Notice of Upcoming Industry Day Announcement and Scheduling of One-On-One Meetings. The opportunity for One-On-One discussions will be limited, due to time constraints, with preference given to industry partners that intend to provide a FLRAA total weapon system solution. Participants in this industry day are responsible for protecting their proprietary information.


Once registered for Industry Day (see above), each industry participant must follow-up with a specific visit request to the FVL Security Office. The FVL Security Office POC and the FVL JPAS Security Management Office (SMO) Code will be provided upon successful registration.

The preferred method for submitting requests for every industry participant is by JPAS.

For industry participants without JPAS access, a visitor letter must be submitted on COMPANY LETTERHEAD and signed by the Facility Security Officer or a key person (not the visitor) in the company.

All visit requests through JPAS or visitor letter must be submitted no later than 17 July 2019.

The following information must be included in the visitor letter:

  • Name of visitor:
  • US Citizen: Yes/No
  • Dates of visit:
  • Person they are visiting (not someone in Security):
  • Purpose of the visit:

Only US Citizens are authorized to participate.