On behalf of the Support Ships, Boats, and Craft Program Office (PMS325), the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) announces an Industry Day for the T-AGOS(X) Class Small Waterplane Twin Hull (SWATH) ships to replace the aging existing Naval fleet.

The Industry Day will be held on June 26th, 2019 at the Maritime Plaza office complex.. The objective is to provide a presentation to inform the industry community of the anticipated acquisition of the SWATH class of ships, its program schedule, and its technical requirements.

The replacement SWATH Program will recapitalize and improve upon the existing capability provided by four T-AGOS 19 Class and one T-AGOS 23 Class ships with seven total new vessels planned. Initial program plans were provided in the October 2017 Request for Information (RFI). A follow-on RFI was issued April 18th, 2019 requesting information from parties interested in designing, integrating, and /or constructing the updated notional large SWATH ships.


WHEN: June 26th, 2019 0815-1600

WHERE: The event will be at the Maritime Plaza Office Complex, located in Washington DC at 1201 M St. SE Washington, DC 20003

WHAT: The overall objective of this Industry Day is to provide interested parties with information that will assist in the understanding of current technical requirements and projected near term schedule for an upcoming Industry Studies solicitation, and to gain feedback from industry on the overall draft contract requirements. The Government will use this event as part of the market research process. Once the formal presentation has concluded, the Government team will conduct a Q&A session. Any questions that cannot be answered at that time will be collected for a written Q&A to be distributed at a later date.

Draft Agenda for Industry Day, June 26, 2019:

8:15 – 9:00 Check in

9:00 – 11:00 Industry Day Presentation

•· Roles and Responsibilities of Government Team

•· History, Mission, CONOPS

•· Acquisition Approach and Schedule Overview

•· Overview of Industry Studies Solicitation

•· Technical Overview

•· Question and Answer Session

11:00 – 12:15 Lunch

12:15 – 1600 Breakout Sessions

•· Breakout sessions with Government Team – 25 minutes’ maximum will be assigned for each interested participant between 1215 and 1600.

Breakout Sessions

Attendees may request the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Government program representatives in scheduled breakout sessions to conduct a discussion of any of the topics addressed in the 18 April 2019 Request for Information:

•· Existing SWATH craft/designs or parent craft/designs with modifications that meet the stated work requirements;

•· Design and engineering capability, whether in-house or subcontracted, including design of ocean going SWATH ships at speeds of 20 knots and above;

•· Assess the impact of increased speed to 20 knots and above. Provide a speed tradeoff assessment for cost savings associated with 1-4 knot decrease from the 20 knot speed threshold.

•· Provide an assessment of the most important program cost drivers. These could include but not be limited to speed, sea state, endurance, manning, propulsions equipment configuration/selection, and build profiles (i.e., 2 ships per year vice 1 per year, rates of production).

•· If a shipyard, description of construction facilities and projected workload, a yard plan which includes available build position capable of handling the notional SWATH ship, transition and launch process from build position(s), producibility considerations for SWATH ships and whether the facility has the capacity to build two or more of the notional SWATH ships at the same time;

•· If a shipyard, description of maximum length, beam and draft for ship construction at your facility. If unable to accommodate the notional ship size described above, please provide potential mitigations/facilities improvements required to alleviate those constraints.

•· Previous contracts and experience for DD&C of ships of similar size and complexity, particularly hull form, structures and noise quieting.

•· Based on the integrated electric plant information provided identify the potential machinery on the schedule critical path, and the anticipated lead time for that equipment.

•· The 40-month lead ship DD&C effort includes the production engineering and procurement of long lead time material. Describe the technical data that the Government could provide to meet schedule requirements.

•· Size of the respondent’s company, average annual revenue for the past three years and the number of employees.

•· Prior construction experience with similar ships.

•· Risk areas and recommended mitigation activities NAVSEA should consider in its design and acquisition planning.

Space is limited for breakout sessions, so please note on your response if your company is interested in a one-on-one session with the Government team. These sessions will be scheduled based on availability; all participants are not guaranteed a breakout session time slot. An information packet and breakout time slot (if applicable) will be provided at a later date.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Shipyard representatives, design agents, integrators, suppliers and other potential industry sources capable and interested in participating in the Industry Studies solicitation, participating in the design process, and potentially building ships to meet the mission requirements stated in the above SUMMARY section.

HOW: Attendance is voluntary and response to the 18 April 2019 RFI is not required for attendance; however, prior registration is required. All parties interested in attending the SWATH Program Industry Day should submit their responses in electronic format via e-mail by 17 June, 2019 to Mr. Konnor Fulk, at with a copy to Rickeyea Singleton, NAVSEA 02, at . Each organization is limited to three (3) participants. Subject line of e-mail response shall be as follows: Company Name, Response to SWATH Industry Day Announcement. The attendee confirmation response file shall be in PDF format and include the below information:

Solicitation Number: N00024-19-R-2218