The USAF, on 24 May, released a solicitation for support of Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS), with performance at three Geographically Separated Detachments (Dets) at Stallion Range Center, White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), New Mexico (20th Space Control Squadron (20 SPCS), Det 1); Naval Support Facility (NSF), Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) (20 SPCS, Det 2); Maui Space Surveillance Complex, Hawaii (20 SPCS, Det 3); with a potential future site in EUCOM, exact location to be determined; and potential site in PACOM, exact location to be determined.

The 21st Space Wing (21 SW) intends to solicit competitive proposals to manage, operate, maintain, and provide logistical and general support services for the GEODSS system. In addition to providing system operation and maintenance (O&M) requirements, contracted services include exercises and testing, mission systems maintenance management, logistics management, communications, environmental, civil engineering, occupational health, security, and knowledge operations requirements. The Contractor shall perform organizational level maintenance on system upgrades and modifications once they are accepted by the Government. The Contractor shall support, as required, new site stand ups and site closure activities.

The current contract expires 31 August 2020. The contemplated contract type for this contract is a hybrid contract made up of Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) and Cost Reimbursement (CR) elements and Individual Job Order (IJO) Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs). The contemplated period of performance is a phase-in period of 60 days, a base period of eight (8) months, plus six (6) one-year options, with phase-in beginning on or around 1 July 2020, and a contract start date of 1 September 2020.