Hyper-Enabled Operator to Receive Next-Generation “Eyes” With Fused Intelligence

LONDONDERRY, N.H., May 20, 2019 – L3 Integrated Land Systems announced today that it has developed a next-generation panoramic night vision goggle, fusing multiple capabilities and featuring thermal technology, augmented reality capability and wireless communications to provide our nation’s most elite operators with unprecedented situational awareness for improved mobility, targeting and lethality.

Based on L3’s combat-proven Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle, the new Fused-Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle, or F-Pano, maintains a 97-degree field-of-view for operators, while delivering capability that improves the ability to locate targets and engage threats. The F-Pano allows the operator to access common operating environment imagery and digitally communicate position information, as well as determine the location and identity of items of interest.

“The F-Pano is the most advanced night vision goggle on the market, delivering an unmatched capability to ensure our hyper-enabled Special Forces customer maintains operational overmatch against ongoing threats,” said Lynn Bollengier, Vice President and General Manager of L3’s Warrior Mission Solutions business. “The F-Pano is the latest example of L3’s strong tradition of investing in and collaborating with SOF to provide our warfighters with the best technology, equipment and support to meet the needs of an ever-changing battlefield.”

The F-Pano includes L3’s high-performance white phosphor image intensification technology in a quad-tube goggle, as well as a separate thermal channel for image fusion and thermal target detection. The F-Pano also incorporates a high-resolution display and an embedded wireless personal area network that uses augmented reality algorithms to interface with the operator’s end-user device. The complete system facilitates a hyper-enabled operator with the ability to interface with multiple sensors throughout the battlespace, providing enhanced interoperability and data sharing.

L3 Integrated Land Systems develops and manufactures fully qualified, advanced night vision and electro-optical systems and components for the United States military, law enforcement, first responder agencies and allied nations across the globe. An original and qualified manufacturer of night vision imaging technology, L3 Integrated Land Systems uses the latest in thermal, image intensifier and fusion technologies to provide an extensive portfolio of products that enables optimal performance during the day, at night and in adverse weather. L3 Integrated Land Systems is committed to the quality, reliability and supportability of all its fielded systems. To learn more, please visit www.L3T.com/integratedlandsystems.