Sikorsky-Boeing shared an update at AAAA on their SB>1 DEFIANT helicopter and a new video of DEFIANT in flight now posted on YouTube:

DEFIANT achieved its first flight on March 21, 2019. The aircraft flew for a second time on April 5. During these two initial flights Sikorsky pilot Bill Fell and Boeing pilot Frank Conway hit every test point and completed each data point we had planned to complete.

The team proved out the expected speed for these tests: 10 kts forward, left, right and rearward. It also proved out hover performance maneuverability, pedal turns, and a hover ladder from ground level up to 30 feet altitude.

These tests are a first step in getting to the flight envelope we hope to achieve with this groundbreaking aircraft. Over the summer of 2019 we expect to expand the envelope in flight tests with additional speed and maneuverability and provide the U.S. Army with the necessary, robust, and relevant data in a timely manner that will enable them to make fully informed decisions as they pursue the Future Vertical Lift program.