Market Forecast’s just-released report quantifies and characterizes the Global Military Ammunition Market for Small Caliber Ammunition, Medium Caliber Ammunition, Large Caliber Ammunition, Rocket and Mortars.

The report is organized in terms of applications, regions, and end-users. The application segment covers Normal Ammunition, AP Bullets, Tracers, Blanks and Others. The regional coverage in the report includes North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East and ROW. The End Users include the Land, Navy and Air Force across each of the regions.

The North American market is expected to account for the majority of the market. The conflicts in the Middle East and other parts of the world are one of the key drivers for US and its allies. The ammunition procurement of the US DoD has been increasing for the past 5 years. The cumulative market accounts to roughly $18 billion and this trend is expected to continue during the forecast period. The growth in other regions are also expected to grow, the overall market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.5% during the forecast period.

The key driver in this overall market is the overall change in the battlefield environment, which has evolved into a more urbanized environment. The other key drivers include the investments in training due to changing battlefield environment and increase in defense budget. The ammunition market is a cost sensitive market; hence, the overall cost escalation is a key market restraint. The challenges involved with this market are the soldier load factor and the shelf life and ammunition disposal.

The in-depth coverage of the report across its sections are:

Overview and Market Trends: This chapter covers a brief history about the ammunition market and its development from a lead ball to a cased ammunition. The three-step ammunition manufacturing process is also discussed in detailed in this chapter. The other three sections in this chapter include the brief on small caliber ammunition, ammunition consumption pattern and detailed analysis of US DoD ammunition procurement.

Market Technologies: The top ten technologies which are expected to shape the military ammunition market are dealt in detailed in this chapter. The aspects of lead-free ammunitions, bio degradable bullets and smart bullets are expected to be a few technologies which would shape the market.

Market Analysis: The key drivers, restrains and challenges that affect the military ammunition market dealt in detailed in this chapter. The other sub sections include the PEST Analysis and the Porter’s Five Forces, Military Ammunition Market is a high entry barrier market.

Market Forecast: The market forecast chapter includes Region Wise, Application Wise, Product Wise and End User analysis. A key conclusion derived of this chapter is that the land-based ammunition procurement is expected to dominate this market.

Opportunity Analysis: The Opportunity Analysis section covers 3-4 segments, which analyses the sub markets in detailed. This chapter could be of interest to a new entrant or a potential investor into the ammunition market.

Events Based Forecast: Two other Scenarios have been identified, these scenarios were developed based on the various possibilities that could affect the key factors in this market. One of the factors that could affect the market is the increase in Global conflicts.

Company Profiles: The major companies in the Military Ammunition market have been profiled in detailed.

Scope: The report covers the Military segment of the market, across Small Caliber, Medium Caliber, Large Caliber, Rocket and Mortar. The study period is from 2017-2027 and the forecast period is from 2019-2027. The other three segments are the region wise, application wise and end user segmentation.

Reasons to Buy:

The report will help buyers to understand the key trends in the ammunition market and the US market procurement patterns in detailed.

The technology chapter will help the reader understand the top ten technologies which is expected to shape the market during the forecast period.

The report would also help investors to understand the potential market opportunities. The opportunity analysis chapter is aimed at providing insights to potential investors on the high growth markets.

The report would help business leaders, technology officers and ammunition procurers to understand the changing trends in the military ammunition market.

The report could also be of help to technology companies to understand the key innovation drivers in this market.

Global Military Ammunition Market focuses on Small Caliber Ammunition, Medium Caliber Ammunition, Large Caliber Ammunition, Rocket and Mortar segment