Solicitation Number: W15QKN19X05M9
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Date: 6 March 2019

THIS IS A REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) ONLY – This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes as a means for the Government to conduct market research, identifying interested parties and their capability to support the requirement for the XM813 Remote Weapon System and Unmanned Turret. It does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a promise to issue an RFP in the future.

Solicitations are not available at this time. Requests for a solicitation will not receive a response. This notice does not constitute a commitment by the United States Government to contract for any supply or service whatsoever. All information submitted in response to this announcement is voluntary; the United States Government will not pay for information requested nor will it compensate any respondent for any cost incurred in developing information provided to the United States Government. Not responding to this Sources Sought notice does not preclude participation in any future RFP, if any is issued. If a solicitation is released, it will be synopsized on It is the responsibility of the potential offerors to monitor this site for additional information pertaining to this requirement.

The U.S. Army Contracting Command – New Jersey on behalf of the Product Manager Crew Served Weapons (PM CSW), located at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ, is seeking information from organizations that possess Remote Weapon Systems and unmanned turrets which integrate the XM813 Automatic Cannon, co-axial machine gun, and additional armaments. Information is being sought for ruggedized/militarized system with high technology and manufacturing readiness levels that meet the following criteria:

Weapon Station Description:
Weapon integration:
Primary Armament: XM813 30x173mm Automatic Cannon
Co-axial Armament: NATO 7.62mm (for example M240B or MK52)
Thermal camera with 70% identification to ranges outwards to 4 km of a NATO sized vehicle target (3.1 m x 3.1 m)
Platform Integration:
Compatible with a medium sized combat vehicle platform (for example Stryker, M113, and AMPV)


Vendor Questionnaire: The purpose of this questionnaire is to obtain information from industry to assist in the market research. Firms/companies are invited to indicate their interest and capability to satisfy the above requirements by identifying the following items:

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Address
  3. Company point of contact and phone number
  4. Major partners or suppliers
  5. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. Is your business considered a small business based on your NAICS Code?
  6. A brief description of any Department of Defense utilization of the Weapon Station to include test, operational evaluation / assessments, and material releases / fielding.
  7. Technology Readiness Level of the system: Describe the system technology risks and the system level qualification testing performed to include test specifications and levels (for example temperature, vibration profiles, accuracy, and etc.).
  8. Manufacturing Readiness Level: Clearly identify and substantiate the Manufacturing Readiness Level as identified in the Manufacturing Readiness Level Deskbook Version 2 ( of the system and sub-systems. Describe the maturity plan’s allocated resources, risks, and schedule from contract award to production representative units (low rate initial production) and to full rate production to include monthly production capacity.
  9. Commerciality: (a) Our product as described above, has been sold, leased or licensed to the general public. (b) Our product as described above has been sold in substantial quantities, on a competitive basis to multiple state and local government. The development of the product was done exclusively at private expense. (c) None of the above applies. Explain:
  10. Please provide a system unit cost estimate and any pricing data for the system to include any necessary ancillary equipment for the following quantity ranges:
    1-5, 6-25, 26-100, 101-200, and 201+.
  11. Please provide any additional comments or concerns.

Potential sources are requested to submit, at a minimum, the following information. Responses should be limited to no more than 20 pages. Information papers can be submitted in a white paper format.

Characteristics: Provide the following system information:
• Block diagram of the system architecture
• Description of fire control and operator interface
• Additional armament capability (for example Stinger, Javelin, and Spike Missile)
• Ammunition capacity of all integrated weapons
• Sensor characteristics (detect and identification ranges)
• System weight with/without weapons and ammunition (control unit and weapon station separately)
• System size (control unit and weapon station separately)
• Swept weapon station diameter
• Power requirement
• Reload under armor
• Wireless and network capability
• Ability to fire airburst and performance
• Accuracy and dispersion

All information is to be submitted at no cost or obligation to the United States Government. Any hardcopy information provided will not be returned. All interested parties should provide this information within 14 days of this notice by email to:;;

NO TELEPHONE INQUIRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. The Government will accept written questions by email. Respondents will not be notified of the results of this RFI.

Contracting Office Address:
PICATINNY ARSENAL , New Jersey 07806-5000
United States
Primary Point of Contact.:
Michael J.Kline,
Contract Specialist
Secondary Point of Contact:
Marcos Kamiyama,
Contract Specialist