3 March 2019

L3 WESCAM is the training provider of choice for the MX™-Series EO/IR portfolio of surveillance and targeting systems for air, land, and maritime missions. Because we have designed and engineered it, we know best how to deploy it. – https://www.wescam.com/flighttraining


The In-flight training program offers same fundamentals of WESCAM’s Operation & Organizational maintenance (O&OM) course but includes an in-flight component, which can be customized to match your exact MX system configuration. The course has been designed to emphasize real-life scenarios and operator experiences.

Who is This Course Designed For?

Suitable for operators and maintainers wanting to maximize the potential of their system through hands-on, tactical training.
The course has been developed to support students of varying levels of skill and experience with conventional flight scenarios and operator experience.

Program Details:

The program runs 4 days.
30% classroom, 30% simulation using the MX-Sim and 40% in-flight.

Topics of study include:

System set up, sensor selection, steering mode and mission logistics
Sensor optimization for specific mission scenarios
Maintenance and organizational level maintenance tasking
Training includes day and night flights
Practice with different lighting\atmospheric conditions
Experience with crew resource management
MX-Sim will be used for pre-mission rehearsals prior to in-flight instruction and post-flight while reviewing their in-flight mission.

Securing a Training Spot

In-Flight training can be purchased two ways:

1) Complete buy-out – Purchase all 6 seats and have the curriculum customized around your exact turret set up and configuration.
2) Open Enrollment – buy as many seats as you need and the curriculum will be delivered as a generic configuration, as the class will be made up of mixed customers

Download the In-Flight Training Brochure