Among the aerospace and defense companies touting their offerings at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) show held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre February 17-21, 2019 — are AM General, BAE Systems, Cubic Global Defense, Damen Shipyards Group, Lockheed Martin, Rheinmetall, Spynel, Survitec Group, Thales Alenia Space, and Ultra Electronics.

AM General will feature at IDEX its innovative and diverse products and services, including providing customized vehicles, supporting after-sales and modernization needs, or providing localized manufacturing services. On the IDEX stand will be the AM General’s new NXT 360 with Tacticam™ Armor. The NXT 360 is the evolutionary light tactical vehicle featuring for more power, higher GVW, better ride and handling and better overall protection. The NXT 360 at IDEX also features an added level of protection utilizing 3D camouflage technology. Tacticam™ is an advanced passive signature management system. This highly durable camouflage system utilizes the latest in materials, coatings, and engineered geometry to reduce a vehicle’s signature across multiple spectrums. The Tacticam™ system can be tailored to the NXT 360 and customer’s signature reduction needs.

AM General’s NXT 360 vehicle with Tacticam armor

BAE Systems’s IDEX stand features two full size vehicles in the form of an M109A6+ Paladin artillery system and a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. These exhibits will be complemented by a range of products and capabilities from our Land, Maritime and Electronic Systems businesses.

BAE Systems’ M109A6+ Paladin artillery system

Cubic Global Defense will be showcasing its innovative multi-domain and tactical training solutions on the IDEX AUSA Pavilion. These will include:
– Air Combat Training
– Instrumented Live and Synthetic Training
– Live, Virtual and Constructive Training
– Range Design and Live Fire Training
– PRISim Suite®
– Integrated Indirect Fire Training Systems

Cubic’s L600 PRISim Suite® PortableTrainer PRO

Damen Shipyards Group will use IDEX showcase the company’s latest products and developments, including its SIGMA frigates and corvettes, ENFORCER landing platform docks, amphibious vessels, offshore patrol vessels, landing crafts, fast interceptors, and a wide range of naval support vessels.

Damen SIGMA Frigate

Lockheed Martin will highlight a diverse portfolio of defense capabilities, products and services at IDEX, including its integrated air and missile defense technology, tactical aircraft, rotary systems, unmanned vehicles, and beyond. “At Lockheed Martin, we recognize that next-generation technological innovations shape the future of global security and progress,” said Robert S. Harward, Chief Executive for Lockheed Martin in the Middle East. “As such, our core focus is to create and develop advanced defense capabilities, which will support all our regional partners in ensuring the safety of their citizens and stability of their nations against evolving threats in this modern age. IDEX provides the perfect stage for us to engage with both our regional and international customers, and to exhibit the most advanced solutions that will help us navigate today’s complex security landscape.”

Rheinmetall is showcasing its new Hybrid Protection Module. Combining active and passive protection technology, it can be retrofitted into vehicles or deployed in standalone mode. Furthermore, Rheinmetall is presenting two variants of its proven Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) decoy launcher system: MASS_OCR with Offboard Corner Reflector and the standalone MASS_ISS with Integrated Sensor Suite, intended for units lacking an organic reconnaissance system for countering e.g. laser and radar threats.

Rheinmetall’s Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) decoy launcher system

SPYNEL is displaying its Spynel-X VLRF InfraRed Search & Track (IRST). The VLRF is used for varied military applications, providing 24/7 coverage of very wide areas on land and at sea, in harsh weather. Equipped with the advanced detection recognition & tracking software CYCLOPE, SPYNEL provides early target discrimination in total discretion, as the system is fully passive. The image quality provided by the panoramic IR sensor has a resolution of up to 120Mpixels.

Spynel-X VLRF InfraRed Search & Track (IRST)

Survitec Group will be showcasing the Desert Warrior load carriage system designed in collaboration with the UAE Joint Air Command as well as a range of Pre-Hospital Care Systems including waterproof modules, Military Inflatable Boats, Load Carriage Systems and a range of Maritime Defence Survival Suits and Life Preservers. Additionally, Survitec will launch the brand new AX3 Aircrew Adaptable Armour System and two new SONICS CBRN protective suits.

One of Survitec’s new military CBR protection suits

Thales Alenia Space will present its latest high-performance optical and radar observation systems and showcase its expertise in satellite communications systems for both the civil sector [TV, telephony, broadband] and the military sector [secure communications] . The StratobusTM stratospheric airship will also be in the spotlight at IDEX 2019.

Ultra Electronics is unveiling is National Secure Solution (NSS), designed to optimise secure communications between land, air, and maritime platforms in a joint operating environment.

Shown is Ultra Electronics’ family of datalink and encryption technologies, which comprise the backbone of its new NSS. Source: Ultra Electronics

Russian State Corporation (Rostec) will present the latest models of military and civilian equipment at the IDEX 2019 – the largest arms exhibition in the Middle East. In particular, it will hold the international debut of Pantsyr-ME, a shipborne air-defence missile and artillery system, as well as the 200 series of Kalashnikov assault rifles. In addition to military products, IDEX will see Russia exhibit Aurus, the armored limousine being a part of the Cortege project that Rostec holdings contributed to.

Rostec’s Pantsyr-ME shipborne air-defence missile and artillery system

Ukraine’s defense industry to showcase its latest Neptun coastal defense cruise missile system.