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Notice Type: Presolicitation
Synopsis: Added: Dec 21, 2018 3:24 am


TARS is an aerostat-borne surveillance system that provides wide area persistent long-range radar detection and monitoring (radar and electro-optical/infrared surveillance) for interdiction of low-flying aircraft and maritime/ground traffic in support of the CBP strategic objective. TARS balloons are tethered to ground stations while flying at approximately 10,000 feet above mean sea level. There are six (6) TARS sites operating along the United States-Mexico border, with two additional sites monitoring the Florida Straits, and a portion of the Caribbean south and west of Puerto Rico.

The TARS Follow-On Operations and Maintenance acquisition plans to make use of the DHS Procurement Innovation Laboratory recommended techniques to streamline and increase the efficiency of the evaluation process. Accordingly, the Government intends to conduct the evaluation in two phases.

The government intends to release the final RFP by January 18, 2019. All interested vendors should monitor FBO for more information related to the TARS requirement. An updated milestone schedule will be provided with the final RFP.

The Government is interested in Offeror’s feedback on the TARS draft RFP documents for clarity, completeness, and your assessment of any aspect that would (1) be most challenging to implement; or (2) be an unnecessary process/cost driver.

To facilitate Government review, please use the attached Excel Spreadsheets to provide your comments and recommended changes to the draft RFP.

All questions and comments regarding the DRAFT RFP must be submitted to no later than 5 p.m. EST, January 4, 2019.