6 December 2018

At a Industry Day held today in Northern Virginia, the staff of the interagency Combating Terrorism Tactical Support Office (CTTSO) briefed industry on its forecast for CTTSO’s Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) requirements.  The two-sessioned event was held to allow Government, industry and Academia an opportunity to exchange information and form collaborations to address current and future combating terrorism challenges in the draft Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).

The slides presented are available here.

The draft FY20 BAA is available here.

The formal, final CTTSO BAA is expected to be released in early January 2019, with Quad Chart responses due approximately one month later.

Last year approximately 1012 Quad Charts were submitted in response to 48 BAA requirements and 152 of these Quad Charts (15%) led CTTSO to request White Papers of the respondents.