Defense attorneys of the 9/11 case arrived to GTMO this week only to find gray, fuzzy mold covering their on-island workspace.

The top military official of the defense team, Brigadier General John Baker, has ruled the top-secret office space for the defense lawyers off-limits since 0900 on Sunday until a health inspection is complete, except to remove information necessary for the pre-trial hearings. 

Since mold was found in the room of the defense team for Walid bin Attash, there has since been more found in the hallways and ventilation system in other offices, according to KSM lawyer Marine Lieutenant Colonel Derek Poteet. 

The Naval officer conducting the health inspection was very reluctant to use any language close to designating the workspaces as inhabitable or instructing people entering to wear masks because that designation would trigger lots of other requirements, Poteet said. For example, if it’s necessary to wear a face mask then people must be trained in it, re-certified, etc.

As of Sunday evening, the public health officials were unwilling to make any designation. 

The office is authorized for work on information classified as “Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information” (TS/SCI) as part of the trial and court complex, called the Expeditionary Legal Center, built here at GTMO.