The Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving Ground Belvoir Division is announcing an Industry Day on behalf of the Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM), Communications and Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC), Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD), and the Army Science and Technology (S&T) community for the Digital Soldier (formerly Asymmetric Vision/Decide Faster (AV/DF)) initiative. Industry Day will be held at Fort Belvoir, VA on 16-17 January 2019.
The purpose of this industry day is to provide updates to both Government and Industry on efforts achieved since the last Industry Day hosted on 14-15 March 2018.

The desire and capacity to achieve overmatch objectives are already present and ongoing at various levels across the entire Army S&T enterprise, as well as across industry. Optimizing these existing investments through increased participation of technologies in experimentation and demonstration events will enable the necessary capabilities needed to support future conflicts. As part of ongoing Army initiatives to deliver technologies which provide our Soldiers with offsets, this Industry Day will shed light on new technologies and approaches to warfighting. The goal of this initiative is to include developments achieved within the private sector, including those firms and academic institutions outside that do not traditionally do work with the U.S. Army.

Digital Soldier is focusing this Industry Day on the following technology areas:

1. Sensors (Of particular interest are small, affordable, low power, Soldier-borne thermal/low light or human performance sensors)

2. Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

4. GPS-denied Soldier Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT)

5. Autonomy for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems as they apply to complex, congested/contested, communication degraded/denied environments while enabling the mounted and/or dismounted small unit to maintain situational awareness and understanding.

Digital Soldier is seeking whitepapers to include specific technologies and/or novel integration ideas. Please limit your company’s responses to one whitepaper and include the most significant industry efforts as applicable to the goals of Digital Soldier.

A maximum of 72 twenty-five minute presentation slots will be available and filled in order of receipt of response (whitepaper). Please clearly identify which technology area your whitepaper addresses.

Industry day will begin at 0830 EST hours on 16 January 2019 with general session for all participants which may require up to 3 hours. Participation is limited to U.S. Citizens only. Following the general session, individual company one-one sessions will begin. Time with individual industry representatives will be scheduled in advance and limited to no longer than one twenty-five minute session. If needed, individual-company one-on one sessions will continue on 17 January 2019 starting at 0900. The purpose of the individual-company one-on one session is to allow each company to provide a brief of their technology to the Government.

To participate in this industry day, please submit a request via email to Rosetta Wisdom-Russell at, Wanda Harner at and Sarah Misner at NLT 12 December 2018. Please label the email subject line: RFI Response- Digital Soldier- Company’s Name and include the following information:

1. Company Details: Company name, address, company point of contact telephone number, email address, CAGE Code, and, a request to participate/not participate in individual sessions. The company details must also include a list of the individuals (to include their citizenship, company represented, business address, telephone number and email address) who will participate in the industry day (Note: no more than 5 people may attend the industry day events for any one whitepaper submission). This information is not included in White Paper page count.

2. White Paper: A White Paper, not to exceed 10 pages, including the following information: Company name and contact information; summary of existing capabilities addressing identified technology areas as listed above; current or planned research in the technology areas identified above; and additional information on the capabilities of the submitting organization on approach to address the areas listed above.

NO CLASSIFIED information should be transmitted. In addition, no classified information shall be included in the presentations provided in individual sessions. No telephonic requests will be honored. Proprietary data should be marked accordingly.

Please note that no individual one-on one sessions will be established at the day of the event. The request for an individual session must be requested with submission of the above information. Dates and times for each company’s one-on one session will be selected randomly by the Government.

Directions and information on hotels and travel accommodations will be provided directly to registrants. The Government will not reimburse interested sources or responders to this notice for any costs incurred in responding, or for subsequent exchanges of information. Information submitted does not constitute a proposal but rather an exchange of capabilities and ideas. The Government does not intend to publish any questions or comments received as a result of this announcement. However, it is the intent of NVESD and Army S&T Division to have open and continued dialogue with industry as requirements relating to this event emerge. If interested in this opportunity, please continue to monitor the website identified above for updates to this requirement.


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Building 362Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060-5863
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Wanda Harner,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 7037043796
Rosetta Wisdom-Russell,
Contracting Officer