As part of the FY19 focus area of Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence (AAI), the Marine Corps Rapid Capabilities Office (MCRCO) plans to investigate unmanned vehicle technologies to displace the load currently carried by Infantry Marines at the squad level. Capabilities of interest include ground vehicles with tele-operation capability, robotic applique capabilities on existing systems, and fully autonomous operation. Systems should be capable of carrying a significant portion of the Rifle Squad Assault and/or Sustainment Load. The intent is to evaluate systems capable of maneuvering with a foot-mobile squad (12 Marines) from the Assembly Area to the Objective Area. In addition, systems capable of conducting Intra-Squad resupply will be of significant interest to the MCRCO.

The Individual Combat Load of Infantry Marines comprises two typical loads: Assault Pack and Main (Sustainment) Pack. The Assault Load is approximately 109 pounds (range between 96 pounds and 149 pounds) and the Main Pack is approximately 87 pounds, which are carried in standard United States Marine Corps (USMC) Packs. The total Individual Combat Load ranges between 183 and 236 pounds per Marine.

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