STRENGTHENING OUR DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL BASE: President Donald J. Trump is committed to ensuring our military is supported by the greatest technological, manufacturing, and industrial capabilities in the world.

  • Today, President Donald J. Trump received a comprehensive review of our Nation’s defense industrial and manufacturing base.
    • In July 2017, President Trump directed his Administration to assess our defense industrial base and supply chain resiliency and offer ways to strengthen it.
  • The report found nearly three hundred risks to our Nation’s defense industrial and manufacturing base and offered comprehensive solutions to ensure readiness.
  • The Administration is taking steps to execute on the recommendations by:
    • Expanding direct investment in the industrial base to address critical bottlenecks, support fragile suppliers, and mitigate single points-of-failure.
    • Accelerating workforce development efforts to grow domestic science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) education, and critical trade skills.
    • Working with allies and partners on joint industrial base challenges.

ASSESSING OUR READINESS: The Trump Administration conducted a comprehensive review to help ensure our National defense is able to meet new and unforeseen challenges.

  • President Trump recognizes that the ability to deter conflict in an era of great power competition depends on a healthy defense industrial base.
    • Our Nation must have the ability to arm our warfighters to meet new and unforeseen strategic challenges.
  • This rigorous assessment will help ensure that our military and national security community has the tools and workforce necessary to carry our Nation into the future.
  • The Trump Administration took a whole-of-government approach in this assessment.
    • The effort was led by the Department of Defense.
    • Over 300 experts from the Departments of Defense, Commerce, Labor, Energy, Homeland Security, and other agencies were involved in developing the report.
  • The Administration led an unprecedented assessment of the defense industrial base, including traditional sectors, like shipbuilding, as well as other components like the workforce.

PROTECTING OUR HOMELAND: President Trump is taking steps to protect our Nation against any and all threats we may face. 

  • In December 2017, President Trump released his National Security Strategy, which highlights the importance of a healthy industrial base as a critical element of United States power.
  • President Trump has enacted tariffs to protect our Nation’s domestic aluminum and steel industries, which are vital to our national security.
  • President Trump has recently released new strategies on counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and biodefense, which will modernize our defenses and strengthen our national security.