Among the key industry news released at this year’s Modern Day Marine (MDM) conference at Quantico Marine Corps Headquarters was the following:

  • Arnold Defense, an international manufacturer of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, showcased their “FLETCHER” 2.75-inch/70mm weapon system concept.
  • FLETCHER can be mounted on land-based military vehicles as well as, potentially, marine and littoral platforms.
  • Beretta Defense Technologies displayed its Sako TRG M10 multi-caliber sniper system, Beretta ARX200 with Steiner ICS disturbed reticle FCS, and the Benelli M3A1.
  • BAE Systems Inc. showcased an improved, more-lethal variant of its Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV).  The U.S. Marine Corps awarded the company a $198 million contract to deliver an initial 30 ACVs with options for a total of 204 vehicles which could be worth up to $1.2 billion.
  • Bell unveiled its V-247 VIGILANT UAS (above), the company’s answer to the USMC’s requirement for a Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) UAS Expeditionary (MUX), a requirement formalized in the summer of 2016 and now a key acquisition priority.  (The V-247, while a prototype, has already flown 240 knots and is capable of more than eight hours of loiter with a 600 pound payload and up to 1,300 nautical mile mission radius.)
  • Elbit Systems of America showcased the Common Laser Range Finder-Integrated Capability (CLRF-IC) that provides for the USMC as well as its fully-autonomous Skystriker loitering munition and its helmet-mounted IronVision solution, which helps protect drivers and combat vehicle crews by providing hatch-down 360-degree situational awareness.
  • Mistral Group exhibited the DS EZ Raider that it is distributing, an all-electric, four-wheeled scooter model that can travel at up to 43 miles per hour on any kind of terrain.
  • Polaris displayed its M-RZR X, an optionally manned all-terrain vehicle that can deploy forward with troops and that has drawn interest from the Army and Marine Corps.