Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR/PMA-202) desires a platform-independent physiological monitoring/alerting system that can provide real-time information about aviator physiologic and cognitive status in flight, and predict impending decrements in physiologic/cognitive performance, affording the affected individual an increase in useful time to take corrective action.

The organization that provides this capability must be able to develop and field a solution that provides a reliable means of:

a) Real-time monitoring/detection of physiologic/cognitive parameters.
b) Prediction of an impending physiological event (e.g., hypoxia, hypercapnia, decompression sickness, disorientation, G-LOC, etc.) that may result in degradation of psychomotor performance.
c) Warning/alerting the aircrew so that they can maximize available/useful time to take corrective action before they are incapacitated.

The system should function within the tactical military aviation environment and should not interfere with existing flight support equipment, clothing, and other aircraft warning systems. It also should not require modification of aircraft and be able to function independently of the host aircraft (i.e., be human-mounted).

PMA-202 will host an Industry Day on 20 September 2018 at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, 44219 Airport Road California, MD 20619