The Navy’s PMA202 Aircrew Systems Program Office, and the Air Force Human Systems Program Office intend to conduct an Industry Day Event in order to provide industry briefing time to discuss individual company’s technologies, approach and ability to address Joint Service Aircrew Systems needs and technology gaps. Naval Aviation plans and needs for the future of Naval Aircrew Systems, technology and capability gaps for Fleet operations, are identified in the 2018 PMA202 Road Maps (Industry Day registrants will receive a link to download files). PMA202, AIR-4.6 (Human Systems Department), and the Air Force Human Systems Program Office will be in attendance at these briefings, along with representatives from other Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force activities. In addition, an invitation has been extended to the Army and USCG. This opportunity is open to all companies that have innovative ideas and mature, cost-conscious solutions that can assist in supporting the future effectiveness of the Joint Services aircrew. If you cannot attend Industry Day, but are interested in receiving PMA202s Road Maps, please send an email to with your request.

The Joint Services Aircrew Systems Industry Day Event will be held 17-18 Oct 2018 immediately following the 56th SAFE Association Symposium at Grand Sierra Resort – Reno, Nevada. The event is being coordinated by the PMA202 Strategic Planning Team. For a one-on-one session (contractor to joint services) please RSVP via the Industry Day link on the SAFE Association’s website ( (Please note, you do not need to attend the symposium to present during Industry Day). Scheduling will be on a first come first serve basis, with approx. 40 slots available. Each slot will be 20 minutes. Confirmation of a scheduled meeting time will be provided by e-mail. All briefing and presentation material will need to be carried in. A/V equipment including 3000 Lumens HD Projector, Tripod Screen w/Drape, Draped AV Cart, 25′ Extension Cord, Power Strip, and Wireless Presentation Remote will be available for presentations. Any proprietary information should be clearly marked.

The Joint Services are not looking for a marketing brief. The joint services representatives will already have had an opportunity to visit industry booths at the SAFE Symposium. These Industry Briefs provide companies an opportunity to inform Joint Services on how their organization’s products or services can assist with addressing Fleet priorities. The Joint Services are looking for specific technologies / solutions to areas identified in the Navy 2018 PMA202 Aircrew Systems Master Plan. Presentations / briefs shall identify their alignment to aforementioned roadmap needs and provide details on the proposed technology to address that need. These will be Government only sessions, and you will be able to share propriety data. Joint Services Contract Support personnel may be in attendance. Contract Support personnel have Non-Disclosure Agreements prescribed in their contracts. Before each brief, briefer will be asked if they have an issue with CSS personnel in attendance (we will identify the company and people). If there is a conflict, the CSS would be asked to leave for that brief.

To attend, please register via the Industry Day link on the SAFE Association’s website ( no later than 01 Oct 2018. However, remember the slots are limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis.
To Register, the link will require the following Company and attendee information:
• Company name
• PMA-202 Master Plan/Road Map and or Air Force aircrew systems technology gap being addressed
• Attendee(s) first and last name
• Date/time of choice
• E-mail address
• Phone (cell is preferred for day of coordination)

In order to maximize industry to government brief participation, registrants are only permitted to brief at one session. The government does not anticipate enabling virtual attendance.
Attendance at the scheduled Industry Day Event and any discussions/release of information is strictly voluntary. Any costs incurred in preparing the topics and briefs for the Briefings or in meeting with government representatives will be at the presenter’s expense. Lunch will not be provided.

Do not submit any classified information in response to this announcement. Briefing and materials are required to remain unclassified.

Summary of Pertinent Dates
01 Oct 2018 Registration Closes
05 Oct 2018 Date/Time of Brief and Day-Of Instructions sent to Industry Participant
17-18 Oct 18 Industry Day Briefings

This announcement is for planning purposes only. This announcement is issued for assessing potential government/industry acquisition program partnerships to consider for enhancing future Naval Aviation and/or Air Force capabilities, performance, protection and readiness; and does not constitute an Invitation for Bid (IFB), a Request for Proposal (RFP), a Request for Quote (RFQ) or an indication that the Government will contract for any of the items and/or services identified in response to this notice. No solicitation documents exist at this time. Participation in this Industry Day event is neither mandatory nor requisite to establishing future contractor participation in any potential future solicitations or contracts.