The USAF’s Air Combat Command, Acquisition Management and Integration Center (ACC AMIC), Langley AFB VA, is in the process of determining an acquisition strategy to procure several Raven RQ-11B SUAS or equal and services. These services shall include:

• New Equipment Training (NET) for providing security forces skills to employ, operate and maintain the Raven SUAS in a safe and effective manner;

• Train-the-Trainer Training (TTT) following completion of NET; in which security forces train future trainers; and

• Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) for two (2) periods based on 100 flights per year for each Raven RQ-11B system or equal.

The US Government is currently seeking industry input from all sources to determine if there are capable small businesses for a Total Small Business set-aside. Interested Small Business concerns are highly encouraged to respond to this request.