AFLCMC/WKD is sponsoring an Industry Day to identify potential business sources with the expertise, capabilities, and experience for qualification and production of aircraft and integration of digital visual imaging systems (DVIS) used by United States Air Force (USAF) personnel in support of the Open Skies Treaty. Industry Day will provide a general overview of the requirements and a forum for discussions about the Government’s expectations and industry capabilities.

Industry Day will be held 30-31 May 2018 via telecom. The Government will provide briefings and an opportunity to ask questions in an open environment the morning of 30 May from 0800 – 0930. All questions and answers asked during the open session will be published on FedBizOps.

The Government will also host private one-on-one sessions with interested companies immediately following the USG briefing. These one-on-one sessions will continue until all respondents have had the opportunity to present their solution to the USG. The purpose of the individual sessions is to allow interested parties the opportunity to present their specific strategy directly to the USG, and to be able to engage in in-depth technical discussions that may be competition sensitive. These individual sessions will be limited and not to exceed 90 minutes, but may require less time.

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