Miami Herald’s Carol Rosenberg for the blow-by-blow on the courtroom proceedings

GTMO-related Department of Defense (DoD) news:

  • SECDEF Delivers New GTMO Policy to White House (2 May) – The Department of Defense announced that Secretary of Defense Mattis had provided the White House with an updated policy governing the criteria for the transfer of individuals to the detention facility at GTMO.  This policy update was in accordance with a Presidential Order of 30 January.  While the details are not yet available, the policy is supposedly to support President Trump’s desire to not only keep GTMO open, but to “load it up with some bad dudes.”
  • Detainee Transfer Announced (2 May) – The Department of Defense announced the transfer of Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Haza al Darbi from GTMO to the Government of Saudi Arabia (the Saudis flew to GTMO to pick him up). In a February 2014 plea agreement with the U.S. Government, al Darbi pled guilty and will serve out the balance of his 13-year term in Saudi Arabia.

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